France recently celebrated a fete du fromage although if they celebrated it around here, I missed it. Anyway, almost every day here at chez nous is a fete du fromage. I try not to eat it all of the time but Maurice can’t have a meal without having some at the end with some bread. I really like blue cheese and just a simple goat cheese that comes in little tubular shapes. Occasionally I will buy this:

It is a very bland soft white cheese mixed with garlic and herbs that is wonderful spread on a cracker. I could eat a whole meal of this. I think it is over 40% fat so I try to limit my self to a cracker or two at a time.
Then there is this:

Another simple white cheese, a little harder, with chopped walnuts stirred into it and those brown stripes are some sort of walnut paste. It is so good and crunchy and sweet too. I usually eat it as a dessert. I only buy this once a year or so. There is only so much my arteries can take.

I was tagged by Meredith to list seven weird things about me. She wrote about food so let me see if I can come up with seven weird things related to food.

1. I am one of ten people in the world who doesn’t drink coffee.
2.Strangely, I love kahlua and cream so I’m thinking if I add enough sweet and creamy things to coffee, I would drink it every day.
3. I used to drink Diet Coke every morning as a breakfast beverage as my source of caffeine. I finally broke the habit but I will drink it occasionally in the afternoon now.
4. I used to eat Ding Dongs with milk for breakfast too back when I was skinny and knew any better. I still would if someone would come out with the news that they were good for you. (Ding Dongs are sort of like chocolate covered twinkies, everything in them is totally artificial). But, really, how much better are pancakes or donuts?
5. I hated blue cheese when I lived in the States. Maybe it is because the cheese is made of unpasterized milk that it tastes better here. I used to like Velveeta too which, really, isn’t really cheese.
6. I don’t like “innards” and can’t stand liver and onions but I sure do love foie gras.
7. I used to eat Cheerios for dinner at least once a week. I can’t find it here in France without all sorts of things added to it, nuts or honey. I love to eat it with bananas. I don’t eat cereal at all here in France.

The rules for the above meme:

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I haven’t listed seven people-I ran out of time. Is there some sort of penalty for this?

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10 thoughts to “Fromage”

  1. My daughter loves that pinwheel cheese, myself I prefer ‘blue’. I only drink coffee not tea…….hey maybe I could do the meme. Love reading others.

  2. I’m the eleventh one who doesn’t drink coffee then. I lived on it at one time, then married a British man who claims the Tetley’s corporation as a dependent for tax purposes.

    Also missed the Fromage event I’m afraid. You must have to be on some mailing list. I’m apparently on ALL the junk email lists for viagra, but none for cheese. Favorite cheeses [and there are over 400 official cheeses in France so I’m going against the tide by mentioning one with a Dutch bias] — first and foremost Gouda Noisette from the Champion market. It is, as you may guess, gouda cheese, but creamy gouda like none other, and with chunks of walnut. Should be against the law this cheese as it is undoubtedly a stumbling block in the fight against coronary disease.

    Second favorite cheese also isn’t French at all [shame, shame], but an official Greek feta sold at LeClerc hypermarket. In salad this is tres exquisite madame! I buy a thudding lump about the size of a doorstop and always get a “look” from the grocery clerk when she lops it off for me. She generally makes a comment which in English goes something like, “Is this the whole meal tonight?”

    Also at LeClerc these days – while we’re on a gourmet roll — we’ve found the equivalent of Kellogg’s Sugar Corn Pops. They’ve stenciled a smiling bee on the box to imply that you’re gorging yourself on something to do with healthful drops of honey. It’s sugar, I’d recognize it anywhere. Yuuuummmm!

    I’ve never eaten a Ding Dong, but they sound right up my alley while enjoying this dietary self-destruct mode. Anyway, chocolate IS nutritious, having loads of antioxidants. But with only trace amounts in baked goods you probably have to eat a few thousand Ding Dongs to really benefit. I’d get started right away if I were you.

  3. Yum. Sounds wonderful. Glad you had a nice time with your grandchildren.

    Ding Dongs for breakfast. My oh my. Fun to learn a bit about you!!!

  4. They look good enough to eat πŸ˜‰

    Love all sheep cheese (sharp and tangy), cannot swallow goat cheese (too gamey!), but my favorite is Roquefort (preferrably Papillion).

    Now look what you’ve done…it’s not even 10AM here and I’m craving cheese!

    (Your eating habits were…uhm…a bit bizzare πŸ˜‰ Although all thru college I subsited on brownies -the inexpensive kind – and milk. Strangely enough it was the skinniest I was in my life!)

  5. Glad you had such a great time with your grandchildren.
    Your post remind me of the French markets that we get from time to time in my town.
    Happy belated birthday greetings.

  6. Linda, we have the cheese with the walnut/paste stripes here! I can get it at the local grocery. I try to limit myself to buying it just once in a while because it is truly addictive.

  7. That last cheese sounds very delicious! I try to stay away from cheese, and here in So Cal what you find at the supermarket can’t usually be called “cheese” by French standards…but I do love it when it’s good!

    I’m another non-coffee drinker, though I used to guzzle it every day. Caffein and I don’t agree anymore…makes my heart do flips.

    I think many people appreciate it when the person doing the meme chooses not to tag others, but just leaves it open to anyone who wishes to participate…. ; D


  8. Try the garlic cream cheese spread on a fresh baguette then filled with jambon sec and roasted red peppers! It is a divine combination!

    I now buy the jars of ready prepared roasted/skinned red peppers – so this makes a great quick lunch.

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