Hercule Poirot and Me


Often in the afternoon, especially when it is raining like today, I will wander into our bedroom, lie on the bed and turn on the TV. I flip through the many channels and, except for an occasional home decorating show-many of them from Quebec-or a cooking show, I usually settle on an old tried and true Hercule Poirot written by Agathie Christie and done so well by, I think, BBC. I know the endings of all of the ones shown here, plus they are all dubbed into French. My husband always asks me why I am watching the shows again and I’m really not sure. I love the actor who plays Hercule with that waxed moustach, prissy walk, the sharp mind and kind eyes-I guess it is comforting, like a meeting with an old friend. I am especially drawn to the art deco buildings that they have in so many shots as well as the furniture and clothing. The women all have those hair dos that must have been done the old fashioned way with hair pins and air drying. The hats are fabulous, as are the accessories. I just love looking at a scene and spying some great jewelry or a really fantastic dress. I wonder at the scenes with old cars up and down the streets, people in clothing from the 20’s walking along, as Hercule gets out of an old taxi and marvel at how long it must have taken to set the scene up. One show even has Hercule flying over the Channel to France and I recognized some streets in Montmartre.
I went through a period, some years ago, of reading every Agatha Christie book I could get my hands on. I eventually got tired of her style and moved on but I did find her personally very interesting and enjoyed the movie, “Agatha” very much in which Agatha, after her husband leaves her for another woman, something that happened to her in real life, disappears for ten days. She was finally found in a hospital and she said she was a victim of traumatic amnesia. She eventually remarried an archeologist and traveled extensively with him to his sites becoming an expert herself in it, helping him excavate. Many of her stories are set in Egypt.

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  1. I do that with the television shows Friends and Frasier. I think you’re right, its a comfort thing. (Plus, they both can still make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve watched them.)

  2. I, too , have enjoyed Poirot as you have. I look forward to the next episode even if I have seen it before. Love the whole Agatha thing, too. I have now discovered a similar writer whose character gives me the same feelings as Poirot….the character is Maisie Dobbs and the author is Jacqueline Winspear., in case you are so inclined!

  3. I have watched and rewatched Sex and the City so many times. It transports me to New York (not that I’ve ever been there) and makes me feel less suffocated by this damn weather and all those restaurants and bars remind me of Melbourne!

  4. I feel the same way about Poirot! I’m not really into murder mysteries but I love Poirot and Marple for the scenery and costumes. Because the style is so familiar they are a vey comforting thing to watch. I’m coming to Paris at the beginning of June, you may still be in Provence, but I shall probably still keep an eye out for a lady taking photos of shop windows just in case.

  5. Hello, just found your blog, and I love Poirot too-I love his accent and it’s so comforting the way he always works everything out – I kind of wish he was my dad! All the best,


  6. My husband is a Poirot addict and I don’t mind joining in. For me it’s definitely the period sets and the fantastic wardrobe. Why don’t women [or men] dress this way anymore? It was actually flattering for the most part! I think one reason that Paul’s addicted is that a number of episodes were filmed in the building in Tavistock Sqaure, London, where he owned a flat during his years as a bachelor.

  7. I, too, love Agatha. When we were in Istanbul we stopped by the Pera Palas Hotel, where she wrote “Murder on the Orient Express.” A member of the staff will take you up in the beautiful mahogany and wire elevator to the room where she wrote. It’s just a simple little room but I loved being there. (I read that during the time of the Grand Tours, Europeans arriving in Istanbul would be transported to the then luxurious Pera Palace in a palanquin.)

  8. Can you imagine traveling on the Orient Express to Istanbul? Pure romanticism. I gave the LGB electric powered replica of France’s beautiful Tren Bleu to our son for Christmas the year he was born. It’s been under the tree most years since with the little lights glowing inside the cars. Guess who it was REALLY for?

  9. Funny, I was just thinking that tomorrow (Saturday) might be a movie day for me. Close the drapes, lay on the sofa, order pizza delivery for lunch…….

    These sound really interesting, Linda. I’ve never seen them. Hmmmmmmm, wonder where I can rent them????? I’ll have to check this out. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Oh my goodness, me too. And sometimes it’s just nice to have a ‘comfort marathon.’ That’s what I call anything I’ve watched a thousand times, yet keep watching. I just rewatched Anne of Green Gables the last few nights for that same reason.

  11. Oh yes – Poirot! I feel the same way you do about this fantastic character — and I love the manner in which they have been filmed. I also enjoy Joan Hickson as Ms Marple l– for many of the same reasons.

  12. I love watching old movies just to see what styles, furniture, lamps, clothes I can identify. And it has even helped me date items that have come into the store.
    I didn’t know there were other people who did the “close the drapes, order the pizza and become one with the sofa while watching old movies thing”. I thought it was just my guilty pleasure.
    Lisa & Alfie

  13. hai, I’m val from Malaysia.I was so happy to stumble upon your blog and knowing that u adore Hercule Poirot. I just discovered Agartha Christie too.I really am so into Hercule Poirot now. Wish we have the tv series here in Malaysia.Tq for your beautiful blog.

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