Wyseria Magic

I love wysteria. I love how that mass of purple flowers hangs down from the thick vine, perfuming the air with its light sweet fragrance. One reason it is so special is because it comes so quickly and ends almost in a week-or so it seems. I’ve gotten a few shots of wysteria growing in Paris but somehow have always missed the season in Provence.

Every time I pass this corner in a little village near us called la Motte d’Aigues I wish I had my camera. Usually it’s just the thick trunk and green leaves but in April it is a show stopper exploding with purple.


Two closeup shots. Can you see the rain drops on the flowers? We’ve been getting a lot of much needed rain here and there is even more on the way. Up in northern France they even got snow which I’m glad didn’t make its way down here.

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  1. Glad the hear the rain has turned up. Especially at this time of year when everything is trying to grow. We did have snow in Brittany, just a token sprinkling of heavy flakes one afternoon that melted as fast as they fell.

    It brought to mind Good Friday, April 1986, that snow fell in the desert of Tucson, laying on the six inches thick on the arms of the sahuaro cactus. It’s the only place we’ve lived in five countries, strangely enough, that our children have ever had enough snow to build a snowman — and then just a foot high. Not enough for snow angels, but they got the idea anyway. And to think, we often had three feet of the stuff in a single storm when we were growing up.

  2. I love Wisteria too. Sure sign of spring. It grows wild here and just drapes over all the trees. It smells wonderful. First sign of spring in Georgia are the Bradford Pears, then the Wisteria and Dogwoods bloom. I LOVE spring!
    Your pictures are beautiful!

  3. So beautiful! I love the blueish-purple hues of the petals. Reminds me of the lavenders. 🙂

    BTW, you’ve got such a beautiful blog. I’ve linked u! 🙂

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  5. When we moved into our house, there was a wisteria vine just like your picture that ran across the front porch. But the porch was falling apart (maybe due to the weight of the plant), and no one would agree to rebuild the porch unless we cut it down. It’s been many, many years of guilt ever since.

  6. The Wisteria is stunning. Too early still for it here. We had snow too 2 weekends ago.

    You are right, there certainly are the scruffy and messy places here but I would not feel happy taking photos in those areas.

  7. Oh, that’s a gorgeous old tree! I love it too. I love the trunks, the flowers, everything about it. The smell is intoxicating!! Ours wasn’t blooming at Riverside the last time we were there. 🙁 I’ll miss it this year, I’m afraid. xo (Hey, where’s your sista?)

  8. How lovely that the wisteria in your lovely village is similar to the fragrant wisteria growly wildly all over Birmingham ( Alabama) right now! Isn’t spring the best, no matter where you live.

  9. I love wisterias and cannot wait to see them in Paris. There is a very good one at musee de la vie romantique that I am going to check one of these days. Wisterias and pink chestnut trees (place Saint Sulpice) make spring very special.

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