Welcome To Sunny Provence!

Provence is known for its blue skies, sunshine and incredible light. Unfortunately, today wasn’t one of those. I’m not complaining though. We need the rain.

I ventured out over hill and dale to Lourmarin and its Friday market, one of the best. Asparagus is usually the first vegetable you see for sale in Spring along with artichokes. They sell white and green asparagus. The white asparagus is actually just regular green asparagus but it has been covered with dirt so it stays white. It is supposed to be a gourmet item and it costs more but, to tell you the truth, I can’t tell the difference in taste, hick that I am, so always buy green. I didn’t buy the ones in this picture but found them cheaper at another stall. By the way, I was walking around with an umbrella along with everyone else.

You really know that Spring is here when you see the tiny French strawberries. Earlier you can find huge strawberries from Spain not grown in soil but some sort of artificial set up and there is a major difference in taste. I bought the French ones at this market and can’t wait to have them with sugar sprinkled over them-sometimes simple things are the best.

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11 thoughts to “Welcome To Sunny Provence!”

  1. I would love to wander through the farmers market there! I’ve never heard of white asparagas and would probably be like you, not know the difference in taste,lol.
    Those strawberries look wonderful! We picked up a couple of baskets yesterday and they were no where near the shade of red as yours. I sliced them and put sugar on them and they were good on strawberry shortcake! I do like them plain dipped in powdered sugar though, yum!

  2. What luscious photos!

    I guess I’m lucky living in Florida and thus enjoying our locally grown strawberries all year round. But to tell the truth, they are rather expensive and do not taste as rich as the European ones I had as a child…
    Still, good enough to eat with plain yogurt or cottage cheese or on top of a cereal.

    Have you ever roasted asparagus with just a little olive oil and salt? Really good.

  3. Lovely asparagus. Ours looks pathetic at the minute, so waiting for the Spring crop with fork in hand!

  4. Oh I love Provence! Nvr been there, but it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen (on tv and books!).

    I can smell the fresh market produce here! *snifffff* πŸ˜›

  5. PS: I should have said, to be correct, not just “vine ripened” but any fruit picked (from a plant or a tree or a vine) when ripe. It’s much better than candy. I sure wish we could find more of that around here where I live.

  6. So far all we have right now is the yucky Spanish ones…but the raspberries I’ve had so far have been outstanding! I can eat a whole punnet in one sitting.

    Crappy weather we seem to be having this Spring…or..is it like this every spring? Please tell me no!

  7. Shame it was raining but like you say if you need it , its welcome. Didn;t stop you shopping though πŸ™‚ Love the pictures, we love asparagus and strawberries…

  8. I remember markets – wonderful! When I lived in Germany we would just wait for the white asparagus (spargel). It did taste different, but it was long and thick and needed peeling before you could use it. Perhaps that is the difference? Anyway, it was strong and made the BEST cream of asparagus soup ever. All the restaurants would have it featured on the menus. Sigh………

  9. I’m sure those beautiful looking strawberries have not been forced. Shops full of Asparagus here too now but have not seen the white stalked stuff.
    Glad you got the rain yu needed.

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