Spring In A Bowl

Lucious French strawberries sprinkled with sugar. Does it get any better, or sweeter, than this?

“I guess I’ll hand my tears out to dry”. Isn’t that the name of a country western song? Being as it is April, we are getting all sorts of April showers. I tried to do my morning walk yesterday and half way through it started raining and I ended up soaked. It rained all night last night and this morning I saw a row of rain drops left on a bush. It is now so fresh and sunny and clean that I am going to get out there and try my walk yet again.

Sideroads of Europe

10 thoughts to “Spring In A Bowl”

  1. Those strawberries look delicious. For the moment in our region we only have bulbous ones imported from Spain, so I’m looking forward to tasting some genuine French strawberries. I’m rapturous at all the raspberries out as well… yum!

  2. Looks delicious! Can sprinkle on ice creams too!

    Mild showers are good once in a while. Showers in my country are so big that it always comes with lightnings and thunders!

  3. Oh yes, REAL strawberries, not those puffed up and dried out fake things from the hothouse. Strawberry shortcake is king. With creme fraiche instead of the whipped stuff you can almost justify the splurge. We haven’t been able to find whipped cream in France. The cream seems to be reserved for cheese making. We miss that having come over from Britain where cream is part of the staple diet. Our waistlines however will benefit from the lack of REAL cream.

  4. Wow, two gorgeous photos! Those strawberries do look so sweet and good….and I alway love water drops close up, gleaming in the sun!

    I saw your comment about your best friend….it’s a small world sometimes! I hope she enjoys my local walking “blog tours” and finds some things of interest. She can also always email me (in my profile) if she wants to know about something more.

  5. I’m with you on the strawberry thing. Oh yes, I’ve been having them every morning. I’m afraid mine aren’t as tasty as yours though.

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