The Rock Garden

There are a few things we would have done differently with our home had we known a few facts. Outside, we wouldn’t have had as much terracing down to the lower area and we wouldn’t have had a rock garden. We think it would have been better to have had our porch just go out the whole way but, what are you going to do? We have it and have to do a series of steps to get down to the bottom of our little hill.

Here is a view of the rock garden in rather poor light. When I took the picture I was more interested in the light than in the garden. The landscape lady that originally put in the garden mostly put in local succulents that I have seen growing on the hills and along the roads around here. The first couple of summers they grew like crazy and had all sorts of little flowers. This year they don’t look very happy. I’m guessing they go through cycles. She also put in some bushes that I call Pampas grass which also did well at first but now don’t do much of anything. I think the cold winters that we have here did a number on them. I cut back some of them and dug up the rest and planted some lavender plants and santalina just so we have a little color and variety. It’s hard to have a really good garden when you aren’t at the house all of the time. We never know what we will find when we return each Spring.

Anyway, here is a closeup of one of the rocks–thus, a rock garden. Many of them are slowing shattering since they are exposed to weather. I’d love to get some garden sculptures but they are very expensive here.

And, sigh, the snails are making a return. This is a big fellow, but I’m starting to see the darn little white ones. It won’t be long until I am once again engaged in full scale warfare with them. I’m going to put ashes around my vegetable garden this summer as apparently they don’t like ashes but it has to be replaced everytime it rains. Snails and weeds–it never ends.

10 thoughts to “The Rock Garden”

  1. Snails. YUCK! I’d pour a moat of salt around everything (or at least I’d be tempted to). I’ll get to deal with then in another year or so.


  2. Gardening can be a challenge! I’ve put 2 lavendar plants in my herb garden and hope they survive but I’ve heard that lavendar is hard to grow here.

    I’ve heard also that a saucer of beer keeps snails away?

  3. What a lovely vista you have as a backdrop!

    I concur with Tanya; gardening IS a challenge. We are coming out of (I hope) a drought. We lost several native azaleas. Sigh.

  4. The light is very nice; I can see why you were photographing it. I noticed the lovely backdrop too.

    I guess snails are the same the world over!

    And you have something most of us can only wish we had – a rock garden that is in Provence!

  5. Nice to see some more of your haven in Provence Linda. Not the snail though, I have enough of them myself.
    I see someone mentioned salt. It willcertainly kill the snail but also everything else it comes in contact with through omosis.

  6. Thought I’d throw this in Linda, you may have come up with a “bomb proof” cake in that Bretonne recipe you posted not long ago. I decided since our son is home these days I’d make a double recipe and had the cakes nearly together and suddenly realized I’d put in WAY too much butter! So I quickly added an extra 3/4 cup of flour, a bit extra sugar, another egg yoke, and another teaspoon of honey. It was just random adjustments. In other words, I thought of ruining all those ingredients and just PANICKED. I let the cakes bake an extra five minutes — just in case. And they smelled so wonderful my husband said he wanted nothing else for supper. Fortunately it was absolutely delicious. I’m hoping now I can remember how I messed it up! I’ve written on the recipe sheet: BOMB PROOF APPLE CAKE FROM LINDA.

  7. I have just about concluded that there is no perfect environment in the world for gardening…….it’s all about the climate, and the elements (are they the same?), whatever. The climate is changing rapidly and nobody seems to figure out what to grow where successfully. Garden centers are either robbing us blind or going under – I love my garden but I detest how much time it takes, especially at this time of year, just to keep it looking good…….and alive!!

    Love the view Linda – maybe plant more rocks, at least they don’t need food and water.

    As for snails, yuck. My SIL in the Minervois has at last managed to overcome squishing them and no longer feels like a murderer! Her vegs. are always gorgeous but she is chained to her garden all Spring Summer and Fall – which is why we are going to have to rob a bank for Euros to go see them by the look of it as they can’t leave the garden to come here!!

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