Coming Soon…

flowers-10.JPG a field near you (if you live in Provence). I’m just starting to see the poppies that grow wild around here. Soon there will be fields of them.

There are iris growing wild as well.

Our very own, personal lilac bush. I’m sure they must grow wild somewhere too but I haven’t seen any.

Sideroads of Europe

11 thoughts to “Coming Soon…”

  1. ah is it springtime there? nice flower blooms!

    And the lilac looks like lavender to me… Or maybe not. But yes, colour wise.

  2. I love favourite flower I think. They are so elegant, unique and not overstated, very simple but beautiful. I almost bought that kenzo perfume just because it has the poppy on it!

  3. These photos are lovely. I have Iris the same color blooming right now. They grace my garden in honor of my sweet grand daughter, Iris.

    Spring is great.

    Thanks for the refreshing photos.

  4. I caught glimpses of some red poppies along roadsides near Saint Raphael and I got so excited, just like last year. I don’t know what it is about the color but it just “wows” me. Maybe I need to look for a poppy-red wedding dress… hmmmm…

  5. Just popping by to see what you’re up to. AND since my trip to Paris got canceled for this week, I’m here to soak up some Frenchness.
    Gogeous flowers! I love lilacs, so I’m jealous you have them growing. Much too hot here in Florida, but I grew up with them in the Boston area.

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