When I moved here, I put a top sheet underneath as this was the way I was used to doing things-putting sheets under bedspreads. The French don’t do this, but just use the duvet. The problem with this is that the duvet cover has to be washed and then you have to do the wrestling thing again getting it all put together. I do see people, usually on the week-ends, with their duvets laying across the bottom of the open window being aired. I haven’t done this as of yet as my windows are filthy on the outside frames. I do know that it is the habit here, and in other European countries, to pull back the duvet and open the window for a while every morning so everything airs out. Some people even put a mirror on the bed to see if it fogs up, a sign that it hasn’t aired out enough. I must admit, I never thought of this. I just washed the sheets when I thought they needed it. I’ve been trying to leave the duvet turned down for a while every morning so everything thing is as dry as possible. Sometimes, I even open the window to help the process.

I have returned to putting a top sheet under the duvet on our queen sized bed. I like keeping our duvet cover as clean as possible so I am not always washing it, and when it gets too hot, the sheet is nice when we push the duvet to the bottom of the bed.

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  1. I couldn’t sleep without a top sheet . . .

    I noticed in the south of France that duvets were cascaded out bedroom windows in the morning to air.

  2. I just LOVE duvets, the look and feel of them. I was enchanted with them years ago the first time I visited England. However….for all the reasons you stated, I’ve never wanted to get one for our bed here. SO much work….lol But they are pretty and very “old world.”
    I did take back a French custom about 10 years ago though….I loved how in all the apartments we rented, there were 2 twin beds pushed together to form a King. My OWN sheets, blanket, spead! NO bouncing, movement, etc. during the night! Brilliant idea and when we got new beds that’s exactly what we did. A King brass headboard, but with 2 extra-long twins pushed together. Very comfortable.

  3. The easiest way to put a duvet cover on is to have the cover outside in and put your 2 hands into the corners grab the corresponding corners of the duvet and flick and flick until the duvet is inside, a little adjusting and hey presto it’s done.

  4. When I first moved in with Michel, he slept with one big round sausage pillow. I’m used to rectangular pillows, so I had a stiff neck for days, until I bought two rectangular pillows.

  5. I have been using duvets for years..we love them. Its good now that you can buy an all season is a 4.5 tog and the other 9 tog …one for spring, one for summer , clip together and there is your winter one. Found out you can get a 2.5 tog for those who get really hot.

    Yes whilst living in Germany, we used to hang ours out the window.

  6. No duvet for me! I’ve tried, and tried, and tried. But I hate the darn things. Yes, they are toasty warm in the winter, and yes – I know there are different qualities and weights. But that darn cover! I didn’t have problems getting the cover on, but apparently I am a violent sleeper and most mornings I’d wake up with the duvet bunched down in the bottom or otherwise scrunched up somewhere. Which meant taking off the cover and redoing the darn thing! YUCK! I gave up years ago. I now sleep with a top sheet – but mainly because my cat likes to crawl under the blanket and I don’t like her against my skin. She sleeps between the cover and the sheet. I LOVE no box springs tho!

  7. Love this post! You know, I grew up in the US but we never used a bedsheet between the comforter and our bodies. We’d just use the duvet. When I started dating (we didn’t have sleep overs at Americans’s houses) and got into the bf’s bed, I thought “huh, how funny. I’m supposed to put this sheet over me and then the duvet.”

    Now I use the sheet. It’s just easier cleaning.

  8. DUVET HANGING OUT THE WINDOW : 1) we wipe the rail, then we put a towel, and then the duvet/blanket or sheets. …we know how to stay clean …
    But I still prefer freshly ironed top sheets!

  9. linda,
    we’re friends of Dennis Horvath, might you be in south of france by may 31?? be returning from a mediterranean cruise and on our way to south of spain.
    à bientôt, n

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