Where Am I ? 2

As you might have noticed, it was hard to tell where we were last week. We were obviously by the sea and there was a tropical feel. Here are a couple of more photos that might yield some more clues:

Does this help? If you have actually been in the town where we stayed, you would probably recognize it.

If I told you that this was Alphonso XII would you know where it is? He was the King of Spain and he came here to Nerjas after an earthquake and renamed the area where his statue is, The Balcony of Europe.

Nerjas is a town in southern Spain, right on the Mediterranian Sea not far from Malaga which is where we were. I had never heard of it before but Maurice’s son was there visiting his girlfriend so we made a trip. It turned out to be a really nice town. It has an interesting old town, a little beach and is a good setting out point to explore Andalucia in the southern part of Spain.

I’m sure you would have guessed Spain if I had put this photo up first.

And this would have been an easy clue too. We ate alot of Tapas. There are either a sort of hors d’ouvres or a small plate of food. It is a fun way to taste many different types of dishes while in Spain. I drank a lot of Sangria as well.

We stayed at a nice hotel but they must have had a special deal going with the countries of Germany and England because it was packed with mainly old people from there. After having visited England I can see why the English would flock to Spain. The prices are so much less expensive. At first Maurice and I felt really young and wondered why everyone was so old but then realized that we were probably about the median age there. The hotel had an enormous breakfast buffet and every morning I would sit there and look at people, killing time as Maurice ate his huge breakfast-I am not a breakfast person and was done in five minutes after some cereal and fruit. Many of the German men were tall, with gray hair and glasses and reminded me of the photos in the newspapers of that awful Austrian man who had kept his daughter locked up for 24 years. And there was the German lady, so well dressed in the mornings and sporting a spectacular tan which she gained while sunning out by the pool all day topless on her lounger. Many of the English people would give quick little looks as they walked by her at the pool. And there was a strange little English man wearing screaminly yellow short pants with a strange hair do that I called “The Pouf”. He grew his hair long at the neck and, somehow, I guess with hairspray, had it brought up over the back of his head to the front to cover a bald spot. Donald Trump looks good next to him. It was so awful I got so I couldn’t bear to look at it. Two days at the hotel we spent lounging by the pool but three others we spent exploring Andalucia. I will share some photos in the next posts.

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  1. We used to live in Almerimar, if you go near there on your tour. I took our daughter to Roquetas del Mar three times a week for vocal lessons. Son, Dan and I would sit in a cafe by the Mediterranean and have lunch while we waited two hours for her coaching. It’s a beautiful place in many ways. But in the end too “foreign” for us to be happy. Most of the British people were in the pubs days and night and held “rave” parties – even in our sedate neighborhood on Calle Estay, La Ladera Del Golf. Not our style.

  2. By all means, if you’re so close do see the Alhambra. I’ve been about seven times and never tire of it. Majestic, artistic, and so much of the area’s heritage. There are traces of everybody there from the Moors to Nathaniel Hawthorne. And they have a marvelous restaurant as well with outdoor seating on a fine day.

  3. I’m looking forward to pictures of Andalusia. I’ve always wanted to go there; I have a cookbook by Elisabeth Luard on that region.

  4. Have only been to Northern Spain, lovely and as you say much cheaper than England and France! Great food and wine!! Yes, dh liked the topless gals at the hotel pool – granddaughter was shocked and came up out of the water with such a look of horror on her little face! As for Brits (and remember I am one!) when they go ‘on holiday’ they can be disgusting – anything goes!

    As for the bedding post – you are a hoot Linda, I laughed so much because I struggle with getting the duvet into the cover too – hate that job! I tried Martha Stewart’s idea of sewing tapes inside the top corners of duvet cover and to the duvet itself, putting the cover on inside out, tying and then turning it in the right way – if you think this sounds confusing just try actually doing it – I could scream!!!!! I’ve cut the tapeas off again, so there Martha – NOT a good thing!

  5. Hope you’re having a lovely time in sunny Spain. We enjoyed Malaga when we were there in the seventies – lots of interesting things to see. The funniest thing that happen to us there was during our “atmospheric” carriage ride. When the driver stopped in front of the bull ring and began walking toward it, we thought we were to follow him. He siddled up to the wall, unzipped, and let’er rip! You never saw two red-faced people race back to a carriage so quickly! Try to visit the charming nearby village of Mijas – well, I hope it’s still charming after all these years.

  6. Andalusia! Beautiful place. Rich history and culture. I like!

    And those fans kinda like Chinese ones. Heh.

  7. I would have known Spain by those gorgeous fans. I have a bunch of them that my aunt got years ago when she visited Spain.
    Sounds like you had quite a few eccentrics at that hotel…lol I would have loved it! More fodder for my writing…lol
    We’ll be in northern Spain in the fall. Rescheduled our trip to France for Sept. 29 and changed our mind on spending all the time in Paris. We’re booked 20 min. north of Carcassone in the village of Caunes Minervois and under a 2 hr. drive to Spain, where we’ll go for a day. I’m looking forward to it!

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