Of course, Spain is the home of the famous bull fights. I’ve never seen one in person and I know I never will as I don’t like to see anything suffer or die in front of me, except for flies. We did a tour of the bull fight ring called la Maestranza there in Seville, a circlular building with white and ochre arches and it was interesting to see and hear about it all. It is called the cathedral of bull fighting. Millions a year watch local bull fights in Spain.

A view of the ring. I have to say that it seemed smaller to me than the colluseum used in Arles and less dramatic and it is actually oval in shape. I saw bull “fights” there as well but no bulls die.

The door where the bull enters the ring. In a little museum there, were old paintings showing old bull fights and there were many injured or dead horses in them.They finally came up with some armor for the poor horses as many died during the course of a day, something I never knew. I found out that in the beginning bulls were fought from horse top and that it was done by royalty. After the king decided it shouldn’t be done by royalty any more, the poorer people took it up and, having no horses, the bulls were then fought on foot.

A row of seats. Most seats had no backs except for this row. There was also a grand area for the Royalty of Spain to sit.

A statue of a famous matador outside the ring. They have the status of rock stars there. The outfits they wear during bull fights cost from 4 to 20 thouand euros. I’m sure they are hoping they won’t get a hole in one as they are fighting a bull-a hole from a horn-not to mention in their bodies.

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  1. Really great photos, Linda.

    I’ve always thought Spain would be an interesting place to see.

    These photos are really nice.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very interesting post, Linda. I agree with you re: the bullring in Arles. Are there still those huge cut-out advertising silhouettes of bulls on the hilltops in Spain? They’re so dramatic!

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