Cordoba is home to a cathedral called la Mezquita which means mosque even though it has been a cathedral for more than 750 years. I was here with my exhusband in a whole other life time. I know this because I have a photo of it, but I have no memory of being here. In fact, except for a memory or two, most of Spain is sort of lost in a fog. I do remember that I loved Spain and Portugal but can’t give any really good reasons why. In any case, I never forgot those red and white stripe arches all over the cathedral. There were once 1000 columns holding up the arches but when they converted the mosque to a cathedral the number dropped to 580.

Here are just a few of the columns and arches.

Another decorative arch. I don’t know why the Catholics who converted this mosque to a church didn’t tear the whole thing down and start all over as they often did. I’m glad they didn’t. In fact, the mosque tore down a church to build the mosque-the many columns were taken from the church and Roman ruins. It is a very strange feeling church with all of those columns and arches and then the over the top golden chapels and altars.

Lots of girls in costumes.

Aren’t these girls cute? They look tired too. It was really hot that day.

8 thoughts to “Cordoba”

  1. Those little girls are just darling.

    Linda, I really appreciate that you share your photo adventures with us. I love being spirited away from my desk to the far corners of Spain……..

    Thanks again.

  2. I’m so sure that the Catholics were so in awe of the mosque architecture that they didn’t really want to tear it down, but to modify it with a Catholic touch! πŸ˜€

    It’s a great place, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

  3. You have taken nice pictures:)
    My experiance is that most protestant countries have teard down “everything” that is not protestant.Often when I go to “catholic” countries there is lot of nonchristian-architecture that is preserved for exampel pantheon,colosseum etc in Rom.But this is my experiance:)
    I live in a so called protestant country and think its a pitty that they threw/teared away so many beautiful buildings and art etc that was considered nonchristian.And you got me laughing when you wrote ‘mosque tore down a church’ I saw in my inner mind how the building attacked the other building.(I’m sorry, perhaps you can say so in english,but it maked me lol) πŸ™‚

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