Most people make the trip to Granada in Spain to visit the Alhambra, a spectacular castle still in the Moorish style, nothing else can show what the Moors did in Spain as much as this place. Part of it was under reconstruction and I missed seeing the famous Lion fountain, but it was still a pleasure to visit and wonder what it would have been like to live or visit here.

A photo can’t do the architecture justice. It is graceful, full of sculptured walls and arches and that look that people love to copy into their own homes.

Much of it is opened to the outdoors.

A closeup of one of the columns there.

A look at one of the ceilings.

This was in Cordoba at one of the street celebrations. I kept wanting to buy a beautiful Spanish shawl or fan but wasn’t sure what I would do with one when I got it home so passed.

9 thoughts to “Alhambra”

  1. Glad you made it there too! It is indeed a remarkable place, as I’d mentioned in an earlier post. Can you imagine living there when it was at its cultural height? It seemed futile for the Reyes Catolicos to attempt to change Morrish splendor like this into any kind of celebration of the Church. It was just impossible to over-write the lush mid-eastern influence. It is a profound experience to enter the massive studded gates of the Hall of Justice and stand there below the immense gallery, open to the dommed roof, and imagine being hauled in there accused of anything to stand before judgement of the Sultan. His throne room was no less imposing. And those in contrast with the delicate screened passageways and elegant hidden rooms of the harem. What atmosphere!

  2. The Alhambra is truly something special, but I couldn’t wait to get out of Grenada…don’t ask me why…bad vibe, I guess.

    Hope you had fun. It’s an interesting part of the world.

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  3. Why you silly girl ! You would have sent the shawl to me, of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Linda, I think these are your best pictures yet. They would make really great greeting cards.

  4. Oh Linda! These photos are magnificent!! Thank you. I can’t wait to go there myself (I’ve added this to my growing list of places to visit after I retire)!

  5. Look at those intricate carvings! My my, that’s why I love architecture. It’s not just about external designs and those big plans, it includes these little details that will equally stun everyone who happens to see it. Lovely palace, it’s no wonder it’s listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

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