Deep in the Heart of Ticino

I am writing this from Lugano, Switzerland which is in a section of the country called Ticino, right across the border from Italy. Everyone here looks Italian and speaks Italian, along with some French and no English that I can find. I am waiting for my next Grandson to arrive. He was due two days ago. They are going to name him Nathanial if he ever gets here. My son and his wife are also waiting for their furniture so we are living a very simple life but, as my daughter in law says, you learn how little you really need to carry on in life. My grandchildren are amazing, not having many toys, but managing to keep so busy with their imaginations and each other that they never say they are bored.
In any case, here are a few photos I took of some early poppies before we left Provence. I imagine they are in their full array right now.



Deep in the heart of a poppy

A dandelion in Lugano

8 thoughts to “Deep in the Heart of Ticino”

  1. How exciting for you — and how uncomfortable for your daughter!! Isn’t it amazing that when we don’t smother our kids with gadgets and everything they ask for, and things they don’t ask for, how they use their imaginations? I think it is great. Hope the baby and the furniture do not arrive on the same day!!!!

    Love the poppies!

  2. My parents and I went through this. Daniel, their sixth grandchild, arrived 3 weeks late and they’d rushed from the other side of the USA to be there on time — to sit and visit with a very expectant me. Even with induced labour it took him all day — and half the evening. A prophetic friend said, “this must be a boy, a girl would never do this to her Mother!” Nathaniel it will be, no doubt.

    The simple life sounds just grand. Family, time together, beautiful countryside, and a baby on the way. What more is there?

  3. I am sitting patiently by the phone as my daughter-in-law went into labour last night at 3am, it is now 6.45pm and she hasn’t made her appearance yet. She is 4 days overdue and is certainly keeping us waiting. Hurry up Emi, Gran wants a cuddle.

    Best wishes to you and your expanding family.

  4. Enjoy your time with your family, what an exciting time for you all. Love poppies, they are one of my favourite! The last picture is very sweet.

  5. Hope your grandson makes his arrival soon!!! Babies will arrive when they are ready.All my grandchildren were late…

  6. Our little bundle arrived on Sunday night at 11.51pm. Any news yet on yours? Isn’t being a grandparent wonderful!!!!!!!?

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