It has been a long time since I have washed so many loads of laundry, cooked so many meals, washed so many dishes, read so many children’s books, kissed so many boo boos, hugged so many little boys, picked so many cherries, pulled so many weeds and just listened to so many stories from my grandsons. It has been lots of fun but we are ready to head back to Provence to recover. Luckily, they will be coming to visit us in July sometime. The newest little grandson-my two year old grandson calls him Thanyo-seems to have changed already. I think he is going to be blond like the rest. Right now his eyes look like they may be blue but none of the others have them so the chances are slim, not that it matters.
Up above the house is a church that I see the steeple of everyday and hear its bells. I’m not an expert but it sounds like they are being rung by people, not on some sort of automatic system.

Not the view I usually have.

Aren’t these cyprus trees great? I usually see them in cemeteries in France. These are in front of the church.

An angel on the church.

I liked this rustic watering can hanging on a nearby wall.

Sideroads of Europe

6 thoughts to “Again”

  1. Oh, my! I’m just catching up. How very wonderful that things went well with the birth, that there is another healthy, beautiful grandchild and that Grandma seems to have survived. I suspect that you’ll be spending June collasped beside the pool recouping for the July arrival of the troops. You’ll never be lonely again! 🙂

    Love the watering can pic.

  2. Knowing how exhausting it can be — I’m sure you’ll benefit so much having your son and family close by. It’s some of the work in life that is DEFINITELY worth the effort! We have family here in July as well – my husband’s son, daughter-in-law, and three kids. It will be a whirlwind tour, but certainly one of the weeks of 2008 we’ll fondly remember.

  3. Congratulations – you are a busy Grandma to say the least Linda! Your little boys are adorable – but I know how you need a rest and your home now!

    I enjoyed reading about life in that lovely part of Switzerland. I’m somewhat familiar with the eccentricities of life in that spic and span country as a friend who lived in Geneva used to write me. Hilarious descriptive letters describing the terrifying garbage/recycling program, the early morning life on the rooftops (opera singers rehearsing – exercise freaks etc.) left me in stitches!

  4. Oh dear, my husband was probably one of those rehearsing opera singers! He trained in Geneva!

  5. I’m also here catching up, Linda and sending you huge congratulations of the birth of your newest grandson! And how neat that he was born in Switzerland and not that far from you.
    Love all your photos and your other grandsons look darling…all blonde’s, I see.
    It was interesting to read about their school, etc. Yes, quite different from the US!
    Sounds like grandma is being kept very busy! And lovin’ every minute of it. So keep enjoying. The area of Lugano looks gorgeous. Have fun!
    (My son also has 4 children, but here in the US, there’s NO tax breaks or monthly money, as you know)

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