10 thoughts to “Cute”

  1. No it definitely doesn’t get any better than this. I loved bathtime when they are young, if only they stayed that way, eldest grandson now locks the door and don’t you dare enter his room without knocking (he’s 12)don’t they grow up too quick. Enjoy while you can.

  2. Such sweet little blondies – but can imagine the energy you needed to handle them all at once!!

    Glad you’re home safely – rest up before pulling those weeds – it can be a back breaking chore.
    Hugs – Mary.

  3. Oh,they are beautiful! And four boys. They’ll have a wonderful childhood together with all the adventure of growing up in Switzerland and learning several languages. What a marvelous start in life. And Gramma close by to enjoy it with them. Sounds positively idyllic — except for the weeds of course, which is a feature of life we share. Among other things, I’ve got sixty hills of potatoes to hoe today with thistles in between. I didn’t think they’d all take!

  4. Oh Linda….absolutely adorable! Glad you had the time together. Now, I prescribe a few days off -then the weeds! The results from your garden will be spectacular!

  5. No, it really does NOT get any cuter than that, Linda.
    Gosh, they’re adorable. How nice you got to spend some quality time with them.
    And welcome back to Provence….have fun with the weeds….lol

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