Two Books

I was recently asked to review two books about Paris. One about Patisseries, one about Wine Bars and Shops. Both are published by The Little Bookroom in New York. I love looking at books so this was a pleasure for me.


The first one is called Patisseries of Paris written by Jamie Cahill with photos by Alison Harris. One of the first things people think of after visiting Paris are the incredible desserts, sweets, chocolates and breads found there. There is a reason they are all world famous. This little book, full of lovely photos, splits up various shops and patesseries into arrondissements and lists not only the best of the best but also what each shop specializes in. I love information like this. It can be overwhelming when walking into a shop and wondering not only what to chose but what many of the items are. I’ve been in Paris quite a while now and I’m thrilled to have this book so I can try new to me pastries and have a look at some of the charming places mentioned. Not only is information given on famous treats, such as Tarte Tartin and eclairs, but some places for picnics are also listed. With the small size of the book, you can easily tuck it into a bag and pull it out when exploring a new arrondissement.


The second book is The Best Wine Bars and Shops of Paris by Pierrick Jegu with photos by Caroline Rose. The fifty cavistes mentioned in this book are also split up into arrondissements. This isn’t a book about the history of French wine in Paris but a contemporary look at Parisian wine cellars, many the most unusual in Paris. I know from personal experience that most people arriving in France for the first time are, for the most part, fairly clueless about French wines and what to try. Several of the shops mentioned here not only give wine tastings but serve food, a good way to learn about French wines, as well as a few others from around the world. Some of the shops only sell wine but are worth a look for their interiors. A good book for those wanting a guide of where to look for French wine while in Paris, also small enough to tuck in a bag.

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  1. Hmmmmmm. Any news on a possible book of your Paris/Provence photos? There must be many millions out there who haven’t seen your pictorial account of the oh-so-alluring byways of France and would leap at the chance. And of course there are thousands more of us who have seen your Journal here from day to day, but would snap up a selection of highlights — photos and commentary — conveniently in one place!

  2. And are these now for sale and where does one buy them? Great job, Linda. I know, someone has to. Glad it’s you.

  3. What lovely covers! I have so many books on Paris and France that I must not purchase another!! Maybe I can just enjoy your review and photos. Then again, maybe just one more.

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