The Extravagance of Spring

Every Spring I am amazed by the number of things seen in nature. There are millions of weeds, thousands of snails, every flying insect imaginable, flowers in abundance-it almost seems like too much. I guess mother nature is making sure there are enough snails/flowers/weeds/birds/insects to keep it all moving along.

This is the view out my window. It’s hard to see because my camera wouldn’t focus on it, but that brownish blob on the top left of the window is a snail. I think there are even more than last year and they are climbing up everything, plants, trees, house and my cabana. I think they must hit something solid and then just start climbing upwards. I know some of you have recommended beer to get rid of snails. Apparantly snails are attracted to beer and will drown in it. However, I would need gallons of beer to make even a dent in the snail population here.

A look at a section of our yard. The poppies are covering some plants I planted last year. You can also see the yellow flowering genets in the background. Their fragrance is in the air now. Can you see the white spots amongst the poppies? -Snails. The bain of my existence. I pulled up these poppies recently after their season was over and it looks so bare.

Sideroads of Europe

10 thoughts to “The Extravagance of Spring”

  1. Thats your “yard”!!!! I thought is was out walking somewhere!!! your “Yard” looks like it is huge..:-)

    Looks lovely whatever size it is..

  2. The poppies are glorious! The snails are not. When you spoke of snails last year, I was thinking of the common old brown garden snail. What a shock when I arrived in Provence to see millions of tiny white snails EVERYWHERE! They looked like teensey pearl buttons strewn about on everything from garden plants to apple orchards to vineyards; and being advocates of equal opportunity, even climbing the weeds along the roadside. No wonder you are crazed by them.

  3. Well, I’m not sure what that statement “your comment is awaiting moderation” means, or where it came from. Quel mystere!

  4. My entire life is awaiting moderation, so not a daunting thought!

    The view from the window is as they say — a picture. What fabulous color. No wonder the French put snails on the menu. I was thinking the other day, snails are pests, artichokes are thistles, mushrooms and and truffles are just pungent fungus and frogs and their garlicky legs emerged from the local pond scum. Somehow the French have made cultural elegance out of the world’s natural rubbish. You simply have to admire it.

  5. Now, every time I see snails, I think of you. I was walking by a field and thought that it was full of little white flowers, but no, it was those little white snails up the stalks of every living green thing. I imagined you stomping them in that field… 🙂

  6. Love your Poppies! So colorful and nice photos.
    Spring has sprung here on the island as well and I just loved all the butterflies!

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