At Last

Provence and, I think, the rest of France has had an unusual amount of rain this Spring but I think Summer is finally on its way as the skies have been blue the last few days and the temperature is finally climbing out of the sixties and even got into the 80’s yesterday. I know I will complaining about the heat in no time at all but I’m looking forward to it right now. The poppies are at the end of their run, a sign that summer is almost here.

This field doesn’t look like it is anywhere near finished but it actually is. And, if you should get tired of those flashy red poppies, there is always this…

All of the sudden I came upon this unexpected field of lavender flowers. I assume they are some sort of weed-not the cultivated lavender plant Provence is known for. The real lavender comes next month. Weeds seem to do a cyclical thing where one totally takes over an area one summer only to be replaced by something different the next year. Poppies do so well, though, that nothing else usually gets a chance where they are. In our own yard, the landscaping lady plowed up the field below us to bare earth and then planted a type of clover with a really tenancious root system. Once they start growing they are almost impossible to pull up. I assume she did this to prevent soil erosion. Now, in retrospect, I’m not sure if this was a good idea. Since weeds do so well here, and they were growing like crazy in that plot of land, I’m not sure why the clover was needed. We had quite a few genet there and the clover seems to have kept that from coming back. Maurice always mows it down at least once a year to make it look less overgrown. Anyway, I digress…

A closer view of the field of lavender flowers.

And here they are, ready for their closeup.

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  1. Oh, I wonder why she didn’t plant Lavender, which would have been a lovely aroma and so useful, rather than the clover. There are so many wonderful varieties now, some living and producing for 25 years. Lavender is my favourite plant, and those beautiful fields that draw the tourists to Provence are iconic. If I lived there, it would be my priority to have a purple landscape!

  2. Hello Linda,

    I just discovered your blog. I love your tee-shirts, the one for baby is really cute, too bad that my kids are older now…
    Hope YOU have a Monet day !

  3. Good Lord I love your life! Lavender… my absolute favorite French view – a field of lavender

  4. Did I understand correctly in that the lavender is the weed in that picture?? Because I would absolutely love some lavender weeds in my yard. πŸ˜‰

    On an unrelated note, our weather here in Colorado must be a lot like yours. Barely made it into the 80s last week. But we’re back in the lower 30s tonight. It just doesn’t seem right to need the heat turned on in June.

  5. By the by, we had a bare verge after removing an ugly barrier of earth on the side of our field near the farm lane. It’s one side of a two-acre triangle, so quite long. I bought several big bags of wild flower seed and walked up and down sprinkling it liberally. The weeds have mixed in, of course, but it’s coming on as a lovely border anyway. Maybe sprinkle some wild flowers amongst the clover and you’d have variety anyway.

  6. These fields are beautiful.

    Around here we pretty much have just cactus and cactus and cactus.

    Fortunately our little development is an oasis in the desert ~ we have tons of trees, birds and plants.

  7. Such vivid colors and great photos.
    I was in Provence one year in July and I was astounded by the lavender and the sun flowers….even from the road, it looked like a picture postcard. Just gorgeous.

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