Favorite French Recipes-Pain Perdu


I’m sure everyone has heard of French toast. Did you know that here in France it is called Pain Perdu?This means “lost bread” since it is a way to use up stale bread-hard bread is softened by dipping it in a mixture of milk and eggs and then fried. In Spain it is called torriga, and in England “Poor Knights of Windsor” or Eggy Bread. Denmark calls it arme riddere and Germany arme ritter. It’s also been called nun’s toast. Who knew, right? Maurice has happy memories of eating pain perdu growing up on a farm with his grandmother. Two days ago he bought a loaf of bread that he didn’t like so, since it was stale, he decided to whip up some pain perdu. Here is the recipe he found at www.meilleurduchef.com. I’m sure everyone has their own.

Pain Perdu

1/2 liter milk (about 2 cups)
2 eggs
50 grams sugar (1/4 cup)
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
100 grams butter (use a tablespoon at a time)
6 pieces of bread

Mix up the milk, sugar and eggs, soak the bread in that mixture then fry in butter. Maurice ate his with sugar sprinkled on top. I dug up an old bottle of maple syrup for mine. We ate it for dinner.


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  1. I was just eyeing half a loaf of stale bread and thinking this would be good with maple syrup, and here you are with a marvelous recipe. Perfect. Haven’t had “Eggy Bread” – as English husband Paul calls it – in donkey’s years. Besides, Dan’s home for the Summer, and filling that hollow leg is a daunting task.

  2. I love to have what we call “breakfast for dinner”. I make Ina Garten’s French Toast recipe. She puts vanilla extract in the egg mixture and also uses challah bread. She soaks the bread for several minutes, maybe longer.

  3. If I have maple syrup on hand, I really like to add cinnamon to the eggy mixture – yum!

  4. I also love breakfast for dinner, a habit which formed a couple years ago, when I was living alone. My favorite meal is breakfast, but sometimes it’s hard to eat breakfast food in the morning, before the stomach has time to wake up.

  5. In my house “eggy bread” is more of a savoury dish..just using eggs and bread. When my boys were children, they would eat lots and lots of it..

  6. Yum! French toast is one of my favorite things and we just had it for supper on Sunday. I know that Maurice doesn’t like cinnamon (imagine!) but you should put some in the batter for you because the result becomes more than delicious…it’s simply lucious!

  7. I add cinnamon to mine but I’d take it however it was made if someone else actually made it and put it on a plate for me. With lots of butter and pure maple syrup !!!! Oh, now I’m hungry !

  8. Oooh, this looks so yummy! I just love French Toast, but seldom have it due to the darn calories.
    Your recipe looks similar to mine, which I got years ago from my French grandmother.

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