Not Quite

Can you see the rain falling in this photo? I spoke a little too soon a couple of days ago about the fact that the warm weather was finally here. We are getting some sunshine every morning but heavy thunderstorms every afternoon. There is some sun off in the distance. Today the sky got really black but, luckily, the storm seemed to stay south of us. I wish I could package up the rain and send it to the States or Australia.

A look at sun, sky and clouds all together.

This means, of course, more weeds. Still, it is nice to have some sunshine even if it is only for half a day. I hoping my vegetable garden does as well as the weeds. My roses all sort of rotted on the bushes before they could bloom due to too much water and not enough heat. I hope the vineyard are doing ok around here too. I think they need sunshine and heat more than water. This morning Maurice told me someone in our area was killed by a lightning strike. I love watching storms with lightning and thunder but I try to remember we are high on a hill and that I had better stay inside.

12 thoughts to “Not Quite”

  1. Yes, looking like our last sunshine of the week in Brittany today. It is absolutely glorious outside! The coming rain promises to be mixed with sunlight anyway. Actually, our plants benefit from the watering each week, so shouldn’t complain. When you look at weather in the Americas especially. Floods, 28 tornadoes in one night, hurricanes in Mexico and fires in North Carolina. The Mississippi breaking its banks – again. No, I really CAN’T complain.

  2. Oh my God! Someone was killed?

    You know, we had 2 solid weeks of rain EVERY day. It was mid/end May and we had 40-degree weather on some days. And now this week it’s been in the high 90s. So you never know… scorching heat may just be around the corner.

  3. It’s also raining here. I wait for “the 30-minutes of sun” window for my daily jog, then hide indoors. Killed by lightning? That’s scary … I’m always running near trees and telephone poles.

  4. Thanks for wishing the rain to come here, we are in our seventh year of drought. When I was in Paris last week I thought of you and looked for someone taking photos of window displays even though I knew you were in Provence!

  5. This weather is a total tease. There will be one day a month of beautiful weather and then the rest of lukewarm or cold at best…and rainy. Seems like it’s going to be a short summer.

  6. Wow! What a lot of growth since the autumn. No wonder you have such a weeding job cut out for you – keep the Tylenol handy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry about the roses.

  7. Sounds like you have pretty dangerous storms there. I love the rain, but not the lightening.
    We’re just now beginning to have our daily afternoon showers in Florida and we really need the rain a lot, so no complaining here. And you can almost watch the grass grow with all the showers.

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