A Plate of Things


What do you call leftovers? I was just reading a food blog in the New York Times where the writer, Bitterman, asks his readers what they do with leftovers, what was their favorite thing to do with them. He called a plate of the resulting dish a garbage plate which is less than appetizing but I guess a common name in New York. One lady said she called it a plate of things which I liked. Most people ended up making either an egg dish, a stir fry type dish or mixing things and putting it on pasta.


We don’t have food left over that much. I try to cook so that we don’t as I always end up throwing it out most of the time after it has set in my refrigerator too long to be used without wondering about health risks. The other day I did have left over bean salad, polenta and some Italian ham. So I made a tomato sauce using the ham, grilled slices of polenta so they were crispy and brown and topped it with the sauce and served the bean salad along side. It wasn’t my greatest culinary moment but it is satisfying to use up everything. By the way, my son found out accidentally that if you have some cooked polenta, just off the stove, mix it with spices, butter and cheese and stick it in the oven, it will stay soft until you seve it without turning into that rather hard, rubbery substance too soon. It really works but does harden again once it cools off. Polenta is new on my cooking agenda but I like it. It’s something different from potatoes or rice. (I didn’t take any photos of my leftover meal so took two photos of plates I have)

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  1. I freeze most leftovers to be used again. I love your plates, I know what pastis is because I worked for the leading manufacturer (French Company) in the UK whisky market, but what is the shop selling, La galijade if I read it correctly, your plates are lovely are they serving dishes or do you just display them?

  2. Love the plates! I agree with you about the leftovers — I try not to have them and when I do, I usually toss them. Sad, but true…

  3. I too try to cook so that there are no leftovers. Things get shoved into the back of the refrigerator and are too easily forgotten. We then end up with containers looking like we are trying to grow our own fuzzy stuffed animals.

  4. I never know how many we will be around the table here when I start cooking. Often a friend or five of the kids drop by. This means that I always cook “enough” and end up with leftovers…..but we always eat all our leftovers in new dishes. Both I and my husband hate to throw away food. And once you tsart using the leftovers creative you never lack ideases 🙂

  5. Your polenta dish sounds delish!
    Wanted to say “what plates?”. When I look at the post, I see your new chopper and the chopped onions. What up with that? LOL!

  6. Hey Linda,
    Around my place, since I rarely cook, leftovers are called breakfast unfortunately. I’m glad you had an uneventful Friday the 13th. A case of no news is good news!
    Take care,
    Lisa & Alfie

  7. I admit to throwing out most leftovers (after they have sat in the fridge for a week)out. If it’s just me at home, I eat them. But the kids and the hub aren’t much leftover fans. When the kids were young (and I still had control), every Monday was leftover night. We have a smorgasborg of all that was left over from the week before. Now that the boys are grown, they don’t much go for that. Oh well.

  8. My husband finds leftovers inedible, so meals must be “exact” or I have to disguise the leftovers as something else. But he invariably figures it out anyway.

  9. Your plates are beautiful, and so are the bright orange plates on which you photographed the pain perdue. Incidentally, if you had a younger son who dropped by your house, you wouldn’t have any leftovers at all. I so enjoy your photos and comments (especially those about our mutual grandsons) but even if we weren’t joint grandmothers, I would love the blog because you have a wonderful eye for beauty and interest and all things fun.

  10. With just the two of us, we don’t seem to have many leftovers either. But if we do, we skip a day and reheat it all the next evening.
    LOVE your plates! So colorful. I’ll be looking for some of those this fall when I’m in the Carcasonne area.

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