About Those Plates

A couple of people expressed some interest in the plates I had taken photos of a few days ago so, this being a slow day here in Provence, I thought I’d put up some more photos and a little about them.

This is a Quimper plate. Maurice gave this to me a long time ago. I never use it, it is for display only as these plates can become collector items. Quimper is a city in Brittany, an interesting part of France, and well known for their pottery. They started putting these little figures dressed in traditional costumes on their pottery in the 1800’s.

I bought this plate in Sante Fe about 15 years ago. It was made in Mexico.

Isn’t this a great plate to serve French cheese on? Would you believe a friend of mine found it at a boot sale in England?

I have a set of four of these salad/dessert plates. A friend of mine gave me these for my birthday right before we moved to Provence. They all have typical scenes found around Provence. Here are the other three:




I bought a set of this pottery in Provence in a village called Biot, also known for their pottery. It was hard to choose, they had so many cute designs. I love blue and yellow-so cheerful.

A shot of the cup and saucer. Can you tell I like pottery? Especially plates.

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  1. There is a lot of beautiful pottery here in Brittany representing the rural folk traditions. I’m sure most of it isn’t of the value of what you’ve shown here, but is cheerful and fun. I resist buying it however because I’m at the stage where I should be cutting down on the household goods rather than collecting any more. Still, it’s QUITE tempting.

  2. OMG, I just love all of these.

    At one point in my life I thought everything had to match so I bought a lovely set of dishes. Don’t get me wrong, they are quite nice, but they MATCH !!!!! And now, years later, I am bored to tears with all these matching dishes.

    You’ve inspired me. Time for a change.

  3. Love these plates, Linda. Like other comments-the blue and yellow are bold; great color combination. Thanks for sharing. I really like your choice of pottery set. And on one of the gorgeous tablecloths from Provence!

  4. Oh, I JUST love your Provence salad plates! Those are my favorite. And I also love the blue and yellow pottery. I’m hoping I can find some in the Carcassone area when I’m there in the fall.
    My girlfriend in Mass. gave me some salad plates similar to yours…..but mine are of 4 different Paris storefronts/doorways. I just treasure those.

  5. Now I dream of having a house and being able to collect one-off plates. I keep on renting and moving around and can’t collect anything. I hoping to collect mismatched chairs too.

  6. All the blue and yellow combinations are lovely…my favorite these days, especially for ceramics! I notice there is a little dog in each of those Provence scene plates! And the unusual shape of the Mexican plate is my favorite…

  7. Ahhh…plates from Biot (among others)! Biot was very close to Antibes. Wouldn’t it have been fun to shop together? Next time, next time…

    Thanks for sharing. They are beautiful!

    Meilleurs voeux!!

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