Lourmarin Market Day

I love to go to the market at Lourmarin here in Provence. It’s on Friday and I think it’s one of the best markets around. It doesn’t hurt that Lourmarin is an almost perfect village full of an air of well being. Here are a couple of photos of what is offered there.

There are always rows of this colorful scented soap for sale. As you can see, you place your choices in a basket as you decide what you want.

A line of colorful hats. You can squish them up into any shape and stick them in a suitcase with no damage. A friend of mine bought one to wear when painting her water colors outside. I think they are a little too big to do gardening in.

I would have bought a bouquet of these if we weren’t going out of town soon.

Wouldn’t these make a great gift for someone? I love the little cigale on the top.

I think I want this. It came in lots of colors. Wouldn’t it look great on a table?

14 thoughts to “Lourmarin Market Day”

  1. Last time I was at a market in Provence I bought some beautful soaps shaped like angels. Do you ever see those? We were near Gordes but I don’t remember which town the market was in.

  2. Ever since I returned home I’ve been kicking myself for not buying one of those wonderful hats. They are huge, glam and such fun. Zut!

  3. My favorite is the green olive oil soap wrapped with the cigale and it looks like they are on a ceramic plate…great gift…like your gifts of beautiful photos.
    Thanks, Linda

  4. Lourmarin is really such a beautiful French village; I have such nice memories of our visit there last year. That green hat would SO go with my wedding dress! And those candles would have made great wedding favors. Oh well, tant pis pour moi. I will go hatless and favor-less but wearing a huge smile.

  5. I have never visited to the place Provence but by seeing the above photos I think I have to visit their because the photos are presenting so great view that I am getting crazy to visit their.

  6. Those soaps look lovely! Unfortunately we don’t have a market like that near us..at best we have flea markets which are great but you don’t usually find those wonderful handmade products like that..

  7. I remember the lovely markets in Provence….actually, I may have been at this one. I came home loaded down with those wonderful scented soaps. Loved all the colors of your photos.

  8. I would have thought I’d died and gone to heaven, I tell you. You sure know how to capture the beauty of it all.

  9. PS I missed the weekend market in Rennes–which is probably a good thing. I would have had to get a whole other suitcase!

  10. Oh I want one of those hats! I’ve ruined so many hats by the rigors of travel and have favorites that are already grossly misshapen. These ones in the photo are beautiful and practical.

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