People Watching At A Cafe

After a hard morning of shopping at the market in Lourmarin, we found a table in the shade, ordered a cool drink and watched life float by.

Maurice ordered a beer. I had my usual Diet Coke.

I’ve never gone here but doesn’t it look like a great place? Maybe someday.

The view across the way from us. I was, of course, looking for Peter Mayle but didn’t see him.

A typical scene-someone carrying bread with the tip broken off and eaten.

12 thoughts to “People Watching At A Cafe”

  1. This is soooo pleasant. It has always been my dream to take time off and spend a year living abroad. To soak the european way of living…..I envy u Linda (envy in a good way though LOL)

  2. I’m right with you, people watching is a wonderful pastime. My children ask me all the time what’s so fascinating? There’s nothing more interesting than people, especially strangers, the way they behave, the choices they make. You can learn a great deal. Imagining yourself in somebody else’s place is a big part of what makes the human race, well, human.

  3. Really enjoyed these photos, Linda. ALmost felt like I was there. So peaceful, laid-back….I think the relaxed way she’s carrying the bread says it all.

  4. I too loved these pictures. And the woman carrying the bread is wearing my all time favorite, most comfortable in the world, shoes – Arche! I live in those shoes.

  5. Your pictures and the emotions they evoke…oh, I wish I were there! The markets and outdoor cafes…..lovely, Linda.

  6. Ha! And I was going to ask if you’d spotted Mayle this time around, but you saved me the trouble. At least you got to meet him in person at that party.

  7. Oh Linda – what will power! All those gorgeous sights to look at while you sip a (gasp) diet Coke? Enjoy!! Love the photos.

  8. I love Lourmarin and have sat in the bar right across from where you were sitting. There is a place to get the best specialty bread right around the corner from there, going back towards the chateau.

  9. No sites of Peter? Daig. The hub loves Stella Artois. I love the name. I think I’d have to take a hunk out of that bread if I saw her walking by. Would love to have a piece right now, in fact!

  10. My husband and I LOVE Stella! I think we learned to love her in Europe and now the first question we ask when we go into a bar is, “Do you have Stella?”

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