A Week in Paris

Maurice and I have made a quick trip into Paris for one week, mostly for work, and I was just in time for the famous sales called Soldes.

All the stores in Paris have sales twice a year. I’m not much of a shopper and I hate crowds but I got up early and went into two stores and found something to buy.

After taking photos for the catelogue for Lollipops-shoes and bags-I strolled down one of my favorite streets nearby, rue Montorgueil. It’s a cobble stoned, mostly pedestrian area, full of interesting and fun shops.

Look at this–you can grow lavender in Paris. This was up in a window on the second story.

This is a very well known shop on rue Montorguile. They have gourmet food to take home for meals and some of the best pastry I have ever had.

A couple of years ago the Queen of England made a visit to this street and stopped at Stoher’s. The owner had postcards made of the occasion-mostly of him with the Queen. I asked him if she was nice, he replied that she was, very nice.

I think this cake in the window is made of eclairs. Wouldn’t you love to have a piece?

15 thoughts to “A Week in Paris”

  1. Goodness me, I m speechless.The lavender on the window and the cake…..u r a good photographer Linda. These are amazing.Tq 4 sharing with us.

  2. There’s a wonderful gelato shop on rue Montorgueil, too. Not Amorino, the other one. Amorino is fine, of course, but Delizifolie (or something similar) is excellent. I hit it the last day it was open for the season a couple of years ago. Whew. Just in time.

  3. Oh,can’t wait to see Paris….some day. We only a couple hours by train, but all we’ve seen since getting to France is work, work, and more work, on the old farmhouse we bought, the garden that was out of control, the paperwork, and of course deciphering what we’re trying to say to all concerned. It’s almost a year now — time for a break! You are my inspiration Linda.

  4. Linda,
    Why is it I always end up drooling after reading your posts? It is breakfast time here and the eclair tower would be perfect with my latte!
    Lisa & Alfie

  5. Ah, Paris, and champagne on the Seine – heavenly! Lucky you. I guess that helps make up for the pesky snail invasion – I hope so anyway.

  6. Hey, I know O Chateau! In a previous France-related job I did some local US marketing for them & almost booked a group wine tasting with them at yet another job. Very cool!

  7. Love the pictures, Linda. You constantly amaze me with your eye for great shots. I might have passed by and never seen that gorgeous second floor window with lavender and other flowers. Thanks for the pictures and the descriptions…especially the eclair cake.

  8. Oh, what great photos! Felt like I was right there, strolling the rue with you.
    Love that lavender and how nice they can grow it from their window.
    Hmm, I’m wondering…..how many calories do you think is in that spectacular cake? I guess if one has to ask that question, one shouldn’t partake….lol But OH yeah, it looks wonderful.

  9. I just love those lavender growing in the pot. I struggle to keep mine going. Altogether we have 5 plants and one of them is forever threatening to kick off….too much water I suspect.

    I’m enjoying your photos. Wish I could be here instead of here stuck at my desk.

  10. Linda,
    As much as I would love a slice of that delightful cake and more than one glass of that bubbly, I just have to share that I am smoking ribs on my smoker and making potato salad for the 4th of July. Wish you could have a taste. Cheers from BIrmingham, Alabama!

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