A Week in Paris 2

A few shots around or on rue Montorgueil.

I love this old door. I almost think painting it would be a shame.

An inviting line of tables. I learned from a friend to look for lines of objects for photos which is a fun thing to do.

A cute little pig on an advertisement for a clothing shop who has a color fetish, whatever that means.

A place that has served escargot for years. Not my favorite thing seeing my garden crisis in Provence but, I guess if you put enough butter and garlic on something, it can be pretty tasty.

The church, St Eustache.

10 thoughts to “A Week in Paris 2”

  1. Amazing photography again.I feel like being inside the photos Linda!and seeing the things as if they are in front of me. We have many escargots here in Malaysia, haven’t master the skill to turn it into something yummy yet…

  2. That door is divine! But that pig is too cute! I even like the large snail. Your pictures are always so lovely to see. Thank you.

  3. What a fabulous paint effect – it would be criminal to repaint it! The sidewalk cafe tables and chairs look inviting – I remember having to dry them off after the rain – then sitting and people watching, such a fun thing in Paris.

    I’m curious Linda – do you drive or take the TGV to Paris? If you drive, how long a journey please?

  4. I agree, that door is wonderful! And that door knocker is really beautiful–I want it!

    I like the escargot sign too….but no amount of butter or garlic will tempt me to eat one.

  5. Amazing. I love this small collection of photos. That door is fantastic and I agree that it would be a shame to paint it!

  6. Great photos, Linda.
    I’ve had a “taste” of Paris here for 3 days with Veronique, our sons girlfriend, being our house guest for the 4th of July holiday. Did up a video to be posted tomorrow.

  7. It was an unlucky day for me to visit the church of St-Eustache as a (rock) concert rehearsal was going on. Parts of the church were prohibited because of a special light and music show to be held that evening. And I was almost wishing for a set of ear-plugs, as the music was so loud. In short, the church didn’t live up to its expectations due to all of this. I am sure it is a lovely church to visit under normal circumstances, but not on this particular day.

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