A Week in Paris 3

A few things seen strolling along Rue de Rivoli.

The garbage men are staging a strike in front of the Hotel de Ville. It looks pretty messy there, the strikers seem to be drinking quite a bit and the police are keeping an eye on things.

There are always free exhibits given at the Hotel de Ville. I tried to get in to see the one on Grace Kelly only to find that it was temporarily closed.

Once past the Hotel de Ville you can turn into the Marais area. This is the view from the end of Rue du Rosiers, the main street of the Jewish quarter.

A door that I like -the shape, carvings and color.

An especially lovely turret in the Marais.

There are two of these handsome fellows on what was once a residence in the Marais. I think they were supposed to scare away evil spirits.

5 thoughts to “A Week in Paris 3”

  1. I agree with you, painting that door would be doing it a disservice. Being a visual person, I think I would be overwhelmed in Paris and my ADD would kick in. There is so much beauty on every corner.

  2. Your photos make me “homesick,” Linda.

    Hope you get to see the Princess Grace exhibit while you’re there. I saw an elaborate exhibit in Monte Carlo in Sept. and it was fascinating. It was the 25th anniversary of her death. There was a charge then so maybe it was more extensive than the Paris version; it included her gowns – including the wedding gown – plus videos of her entire life and many of her films…just about everything you could imagine relating to her.

  3. Again, such great photos!
    Gosh, now the garbage collectors are on strike? Veronique said the day she was flying out of Paris, the RER workers were on strike. It’s always somebody there…lol
    LOVE that blue door. It looks so “old world.” What a shame you missed the Grace Kelly exhibit. I would have enjoyed that also.

  4. I am in Paris for a month right now. I believe the very cute pig advertising is to encourqge you to drink Rose. pink comme a piglet. It is wonderful here

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