For Those Foodies Out There

Paris is famous for its food, especially its pastries so here are a few photos of some things that looked really good to me, most on rue Montorguile.

I think this is some sort of apple tart (photo through a window). 12 Euros-not a bad price for a whole tart.

A little something to take home for lunch or dinner so you don’t have to cook-found at Stoher’s.

All you need for a dish of ratatouille. I like that all of them are perfect, without one blemish.

I love merengues but they sure are messy.

Rose flavored merengues with tiny roses on top.

I have got to find out what these are. I love the cute little piggy shapes. They are a pastry. Maybe you just feel like a cochon if you eat one.

12 thoughts to “For Those Foodies Out There”

  1. I have a recurring dream in which I fall into a large vat of merengue and have eat my way to safety.

  2. Those little piggies sure are cute. I’d love to taste the rose……….

    These photos are delicious.

    How is that new baby doing? Probably already growing like a weed !!

  3. I love meringues – but never heard of rose ones. I’ll have to make some one of these days. They look wonderful!! (As does all the food in this series!)

  4. All those pastries, menengues, and little piglets….I look and gain weight. They are lovely and I would dive in and chose one or two of those small pastries.

    I checked out Stoher.what an interesting history the bakery has. Thanks for sharing Linda.

  5. It’s just great to have a bit of time to visit your blog again. The pastries are amazing … and enjoying your older posts as well. The meringues are hugely tempting.

  6. I’m just getting over a summer cold, so ALL of this looked great to me. You know the old saying, “Feed a cold…….”

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