Scenes From The River

It is really interesting to see Paris from a boat on the river. It gives you a different perspective and you can see things you might miss on foot at the same level. There is a boat called the Batobus which you can take from site to site along the river.

The Orsay Museum which started life as a train station. I’m glad it wasn’t torn down when they stopped using it. They just cleaned it too so it looks all spotless in the sun.

As we pass under this bridge you can see all of the other bridges lined up further down the river.

The Louvre Museum

Notre Dame

Probably some of the most expensive real estate in Paris-a place on Ile St Louis.

8 thoughts to “Scenes From The River”

  1. Linda, these are great shots. We saw these sites at night with all their lights. Different perspective in the day. Glad to see you’re back in the city for a few days. I know that Provence calls soon.

    Thanks for posting them.

  2. Yes, riding the batobus is one activity I’m so sorry my dh and I never got around to when we were in Paris. But there’s always next time. I enjoyed riding along with you – thank you for the little tour.

  3. Great shots…makes me wish I were there right now!
    And yes, I love how Europe preserves their treasures, rather than like America….where the “old” is out to make way for the new.

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