Corsica 2

High above Corisca upa really bumpy, pot holed road, is Notre Dame della Serra. You often find chapels like this in inaccessable places but with fantastic views.

The view from below as you approach.

Mary from behind.

From below, in front.

A view as you approach the chapel.

Here is Mary’s view of Calvi down below.

PS-I didn’t mention this in my first entry but, yes, Napoleon was born in Corsica. While he was serving in the army in France, Corsica, which up to this point was running as France was with the rules and regulations of the new regime of the Revolution, became a different political animal due to the return of a very influential leader who disagreed with what was going on in mainland France. Napoleon’s family had to basically flee for their lives and ended up in Toulon. Napoleon only returned to Corsica once which was on his return from Egypt.

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9 thoughts to “Corsica 2”

  1. The view is simply stunning! Corsica looks like a fairytale place from children’s books. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  2. Last night I watched a tv episode about a woman buying a flat in Paris. She toured three different ones, in different districts. I thought to myself, “I bet Linda sees these things every day.”

    Corsica is beautiful.

  3. What a fascinating island Linda – your pics are great. On July 24, 1815 Napoleon’s ship, Bellerophon, stopped in Torbay (my home in Devon, UK)on his way to exile. He was apparently so impressed at his first sight of the area, his words were “Quel bon pays” – what a lovely country! Of course earlier The Emperor had dismissed the British as ‘a nation of shopkeepers’….

  4. This sounds like a wonderful adventure, Linda. I know I can always rely on you to take me away on a magic carpet ride.

  5. That certainly is a fantastic view!

    The mentions of Napoleon, especially Mary’s about her home town, brings to my mind a novel by Elizabeth Goudge called Gentian Hill, which takes place during that period, and in the English town of Torquay; in the story is a sailor’s chapel upon a high hill with a fantastic view. Amazing how it all fits together.

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