Corsica 3

We next did a little exploring into the hills south of Calvi. Corisca, by the way, if very hilly and we did more of that winding and turning which we ended up doing just about every place we drove in Corsica. In fact, we seldom made it past third gear. We took highway D 151 which took us to Calenzana where we had lunch, then to Zilia, Lunghignano where there was an olive press turned by a friendly mule named Charley where we bought some olive oil and a t-shirt.


You see this sign alot in Corsica. They are known for their charcuterie-sausages and the like, along with olive oil. It isn’t unusual to see pigs cross the road. These are not wild pigs but ones that farmers let graze upon the nuts and grasses of Corsica giving the meat of these pigs a wonderful flavor.

Corsica has its own beer too-and its own Cola which wasn’t very good.

The road kept curving up and up until we reached the summit full of some vegetation but mostly rocks and boulders and, I bet, snow in the winter. We finally made it to our village called Speloncato which turned out to be charming with two unusual churches and interesting streets winding up to a view of a lake far down below.


Views of the towers of the two towers there.

Our hotel, A Spelunca, was made from the former summer palace of Cardinal Savelli, a minister of Pope Pius IX. There were no elevators or air conditioning (or WiFi or TV) but it was very charming with antiques all around. Our room had a strange little cubicle and a plastic curtain for the toilet but there was a nice shower in our room. The hotel was totally full and we understand that after the 15th of July it is almost impossible to get a room anywhere in Corsica, especially in August when most of Europe and especially France take vacations. We had a nice meal at the cafe across from our hotel in Speloncato with lots of Corsican rose. When the sun set the temperatures cooled off and with the open window in our room we had a cool night. By the way, there were signs all over the hotel warning clients to close the windows and shutters when they were there or left the rooms due to violent winds. I’m sure the wind must really blow around here with the village on such a high mountain. When we went into our room for the night there was a wonderful crescent moon in the sky that we could see from our window. Such a nice stop.

A strangely painted house in the village. There were also paintings of cards too, mostly pairs of 21, which made me wonder if the house was won in a card game.

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  1. I like most the last pic!the house tht u suspected was won on a card game hahahahahahah!such a “happy house”, very fairy tale type of house.

  2. Charley’s a hit! He’s so cute.

    What a gorgeous place to visit. Love the pictures of your trip that you have been posting ~ especially those overlooking the bays and shore.

  3. These photos are GREAT !!!

    Once again, thanks for the little trip around the world. What would my morning be without you??

  4. Hey Linda….I just passed an award on to you. For your brilliant photography and for always “taking me away” to places I love. Grab your award on my post today.
    Oooh, this place looked delightful! That’s the kind of hotel I love staying in when in Europe. Also loved Charley, the donkey. Thanks so much for taking us with you on this get-away.

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