Corsica 6

The next morning we left Piana, which I kept calling Piano, and headed south to Cargese. It turned out to be an interesting little village although with a strange layout. I couldn’t really find something that I would call the village center but it was a series of roads running horizontal to each other down a steep hill until it reached the small harbor at the bottom. Maurice’s son was with us and he had a friend who ran a scuba diving shop there called Explorasub. I haven’t been scuba diving in many years. The last time I went my exhusband ended up with an air embolism resulting in the stay at the compression chamber at the San Juan Naval base. Needless to say, I sort of lost my enthusiasm for the sport. Anyway, I gave it a try again. The guys running the diving were really nice but for some reason I kept turning over-I couldn’t seem to stay upright. Then I would head down to the bottom and had to push myself up off the bottom. I guess I wasn’t balanced correctly. Unfortunately, there was very little to see on the dive. It was windy that day and the good place was too murky for diving but I can say I did it and maybe will again someday.
Walking around the village early the next morning I entered both of the two cathedrals there, both facing each other across a small valley. Apparantly, they take turns having Sunday services. One was a Greek Orthodox church and was especially beautiful.

This was in the back of the church above the organ. It was beautifully lit up.

I thought this painting looked almost like a photograph.

So we headed back north to take the ferry from Ile Rousse. We really loved Corsica. I’ve heard since of people who are afraid to go there due to a bad reputation that I think is now passed. At least we saw no evidence of it. We always felt safe. I think it is a good sign when someone says they are returning, and we are. We have already decided to go next June and see the parts of the island we missed this time.

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  1. The photos of your trip are truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. It’s “almost” like we were there. We loved seeing Corsica through your eyes.

  2. You were brave to dive – I remember that story from the past! Lovely to learn more of Corsica – I think you’re the only person I know who has visited there. It’s certainly beautiful Linda.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed reading your blog posts very much. Those photos were so beautiful.

    Lavender fields, lavender flowers…are my favourite.

    Will keep reading your blog posts.

  4. I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and really enjoy your writing. My husband and I love Corsica. It is one of the only places other than the Ardeche he would choose to live.

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