Color and Light

Provence is known for its light in the summer and I got to enjoy both the light and the color at yet another market, again in Lourmarin. It’s my favorite place to take guests.

A girl can never have too many bangles.

The season of lavender is here.

Local products for sale.

Maurice usually walks right by this place but our guest saw it and we went in for drinks. It has a lovely ambience.

I liked the reflections we saw up there on the rooftop.

10 thoughts to “Color and Light”

  1. My daughter Jossie could probably stand for hours looking at the bangles. I would find something wonderful to eat and wait for her.

  2. Brilliant range of colors in the photo of the bangles. I’d spend a long time looking at them, trying them on, and buying! Lavender everywhere! Wish it was so readily available at home. Beautiful photos, Linda.

  3. I’ll be totally at loss for words for the bangles (I’ll be probabbly stand more than 3 hours for the bangles alone!)The lavenders are so nicely wrapped. Such creative people. My friend Janet would love these.I wish i wish we have fresh lavenders here…Tq Linda for sharing your amazing journey.

  4. Linda, I’m hoping to make the Loumarin market on the way to Apt from Aix – I hope so much they have neat stuff to view and buy!! I’ll look for the sails if I’m thirsty!
    I’ll be sending you my itinerary soon – have made reservations for your area – hope so much to meet you!

  5. Oh how I’d love to have those bangles. You should be a personal shopper! Or maybe you are and I don’t know it. How would a girl get some of these?????

  6. Here the markets are mainly vegetables, fish, fruit, cidre, wines, butcher and charcuterie, housewares, pastries, cheeses, berets and caps of all types. Also entire stalls devoted pristine white cauliflower, artichokes, the homely potato and the lowly oyster. My favorite curiosity was following the clicking sound to its source and finding a display of sea scallops clapping their shells in the summer rain, probably hoping to catch a few drops. This week I’ll be down there hunting for a small but fancy bathroom curtain in one of the more lavish exhibits in Dinan’s market. You could spend days searching through their enomous collection of lacey panels.

    But no Luberon jewelry, bangles, lavender, simplement tres exotique.

  7. I would hyperventilate at all these markets. I love the bangles. They remind me of the Indian/Paki glass ones I wore as a teenager. With all those colors to choose from, I would be there for an hour choosing combos. Aw, lavender. As you know, it’s my favorite smell on earth! xo

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