Elements of Provence

A few ramdom shots of Provence.

Hearts for sale.

I thought this was a very creative way to display berries. Not just straight rows but a little patchwork quilting going on.

A close-up.

Lavender from my yard. I’ve never been bitten by a bee which are heavily at work around the lavender. They just sort of move away to another plant.

13 thoughts to “Elements of Provence”

  1. I love lavender and I tried growing it here once, but it didn’t do so well in a subtropical climate:( Yours is beautiful!

  2. Those berries look so artistic – That’s so great. To create art in everything in you do, even in displaying fruit.

  3. Linda, these photos as gorgeous. Such eye appeal! Love the concept of the “patchwork fruit quilt”. Thanks for a wonderful start to our day.

  4. The berry quilt is a lovely photo … but lavendar has always been my favorite. Your photos are really excellent and give such a sense of place.

  5. des groseilles….quelle chance vous avez!
    merci pour vos jolies photos de la Corse et surtout de l’Ile Rousse, dans un autre message

  6. The lavender looks wonderful! I bet the area of your garden that houses these plants is like a little piece of heaven. And the berries? YUM!!!

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