Nearby Chateau

I’ve posted photos before of the chateau near us. Part of it is habitable and, in fact, last year there were tenants, renters I think. This year it is shut up tight. I am always intrigued by the ruined part and the ruins next to it.

The part of the chateau that is sometimes lived in. In fact, I bet you could rent a few rooms there if you wanted. The owners are the family who sold us our property for building our home.

A ruined section. Kind of makes me sad to see it falling apart.

This building was built to house pigeons. It was the fashion a few centuries ago to build very elaborate pigeoneries. The roof is gone on this one if you go in and look up.

Look at this center stone of the window about to fall out. When it goes I think that side of the building and more of the roof will go.

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5 thoughts to “Nearby Chateau”

  1. Oh Linda, what a gorgeous and sad, sad place. It once must have been filled with laughter, joy, tears, sadness and much love. I am always so distressed when I see someplace that is either in ruins or on its way! Beautiful photos.

  2. This pigeoniere looks a bit precarious – please don’t get too close!! The chateau would be fabulous…………if one had an extra million euros to spend perhaps!

  3. Where is it? We’re looking for a stopping point between Paris and Torino, Italy…and it would be so cool to stay in a Chateau!

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