A Night of Blues


During July and August there are music festivals all over Provence. Maurice and I have started going to a few. It’s a really nice experience to sit outside, usually at a chateau that makes wine, and listen to music. We saw two performances at the Chateau Floran.


This is a photo of the Herbie Hancock performance. He is a jazz performer whose album won a 2008 grammy for album of the year. I like light jazz but his is not that variety. It is one of those edgie, pushing the envelope types. I admire the talent and energy but some of it was hard for me to listen to. I just like to hear a meloday somewhere in there. He did, however, have two really incredible female vocalists that were the highlight of the evening for me.
At the same chateau, Maurice and I heard a Japanese orchestra and a Russian piano player for more of the traditional type of music. Next up is a choir in an old abbey. I’m looking forward to that-just sitting inside a centuries old building listening to music by Chopin.

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  1. I’m with you on the subject of jazz – has to have a melody otherwise it’s just a cacophony (sp?). However, sitting in such lovely surroundings with a glass of good vin rouge might make it bearable for a short time!!

    Have a lovely weekend Linda.

  2. This is definitely one of the high points of Summer in France. There are music festivals in every province, village and venue. Jazz is King, there’s no doubt of that. And interesting that they chose an American Art form for the celebration. I think it’s the spirit of independence and something “nouveau” that attracts. My husband Paul “won’t be bothered” but I’ve gone with the children and friends here on several occasions. Although I don’t always “get it” my son is a jazz musician and can explain some of the basis for the variations. Otherwise I enjoy watching those who are really “into it” and trying to decide what they hear! I’m with you, an old abbey and Chopin sounds perfect.

  3. We, too, love the summer festivals in Provence. In fact the one you’re highlighting was the festival that gave us the idea for our Music and Markets tours! Makes me want to be there RIGHT now!
    Another fabulous festival is Amsterdam’s Grachtenfestival – concerts on floating stages, in private gardens and on rooftops – wonderful music in delightful places. You’d love it!

  4. This reminds me of jazz at the Hollywood Bowl, but what a perfect setting you have and a smaller venue. Sounds dreamy and with lots of wine, cheese and French bread….aaaaaaah! Enjoy, Linda.

  5. What fun you must be having! I agree with you on the jazz thing, but it’s great to know you can appreciate the performance anyway. To be in the open air listening to live music – such a treat!

  6. I bought that Herbie Hancock CD a while back–it’s his homage to Joni Mitchell. I found that I can hear the underlying songs more clearly after listening to a track more than once. It takes a bit of work, but seems to be worth it. Harder to listen to, perhaps, in an open performance–but what a beautiful setting.

  7. Hi Linda,

    The International Jazz Festival in Marciac just wrapped up so these musicians will be travelling all over Europe now. That festival is a truly incredible two week event and has something for everyone.


  8. This sounds dreamy, especially the Chopin. My husband would absolutely LOVE that…he’s the musician in the family. I can appreciate the beauty of it, but it means so much more to my DH!

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