Let The Games Begin

And I’m not talking about the Olympics, although we have been watching them. No, I’m talking about the arrival of my son and his wife and four children. They are having so much fun, swimming in the pool and exploring. I was hoping to pick up some inexpensive toys at a vide grenier before they arrived but never managed that. Still, we are managing. This afternoon they rounded up as many grasshoppers as they could find, put an inner-tube on the ground, filled it with leaves and grass and made a grasshopper condominium. The two year old has been fascinated with my truly neurotic cat, Elliot. The cat was all right for a while keeping a wary eye on all of the activity until the two year old got too energetic with two badmitton raquets near him and since then I have only seen him at night when the kids have gone to bed. I have no idea where he has gone. The two year old keeps asking where he is and yelling, “Cat!” at the top of his lungs. I’m not posting photos of them although I have lots-just too many wierdos out there. Instead here is a photo of an interesting yard I saw the other day:

Isn’t this colorful? My laundry never looks like this. I don’t even have a clothes line, just one of those little racks.

My vegetable garden doesn’t look like this either. My garden is a disappointment this year. By the time I got back from Switzerland for the arrival of the new grandson, there wasn’t anything left to buy in the plant nurseries. A man finally dug around in the back of his place and found some strange varieties of left over tomato plants that no one wanted to buy, two round squash plants that never grew one squash. My melon plants are sort of thriving-I have six small ones forming-my basil just a few inches high. I don’t think I planted it soon enough.

13 thoughts to “Let The Games Begin”

  1. I really really like your garden. The colorful clothes adds “a festive,happy” addition to the garden.Very very nice indeed.Have an enjoyable time with the kids.

  2. I don’t know what it is Linda, but anything you frame in the lens of your camera starts looking like an oil painting. Even clothes on the line become and interesting composition. You’ve got that unerring eye, no doubt of it.

  3. Maybe that’s not your clothes line, but I bet 4 boys use a lot of towels.
    Hey, we were in the same concert hall, but I would rather have seen your concert. 🙂

  4. How clever that grasshopper condo is! Have a wonderful time with the littles ones. Time with them will fly!
    Beautiful pics as always Linda!
    Lisa & Alfie

  5. Have a great time with your family Linda, Funny my cat always disappears when the children make a visit!!!

    I bought some bikes and things for outside, last year they are always on them. 🙂

  6. Sounds like great fun happening there! Those childhood adventures are the best, finding fun is the best “toy”.


  7. “Laundry art”…Linda,you are amazing with that camera. Glad all the troubles with the pool are over. Enjoy the family! Great summer time.

  8. I bet you’re having so much fun with those grandkids.
    Loved that clothesline….wonder if she purposely color coordinated it?

  9. Hi Linda…. you need to have the kids play ‘count the snails’. The one with the most snails in their bucket gets a treat.

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