Don’t you wish you had the energy of a two year old? As Bill Cosby once said, If you had 200 two year olds, you could rule the world. My four grandsons are still here and enjoying life with a focus that I love to watch.

Aren’t these cute t-shirts? The baby has one too with the number 4 on it but he wasn’t available when I took this photo. He had a previous engagement with his mother and eating.

Here are the backs of the t-shirts. They say “big brother” in Italian. These three are looking into the window of a kitchen watching a chef cook in a kitchen in Aix.

The back of the baby’s shirt. He has hair but it is so light that you can only see it in the sunshine-another blondie.

Here are the three oldest pushing a round hay bale. They managed to move it a few feet. The second grandson said, “I thought the bales would be soft like they look from a distance, but they are hard and prickly”. We had to explain that once hay was piled in piles. I need to go find a copy of a painting in my memory of two field workers asleep on one.

10 thoughts to “Energy”

  1. Gosssh Linda!The kids are having so much fun! I am actually smiling widely looking at their pictures whilst reading and imagining the scene in your post. Beautiful grandkids.And amazing photography!

  2. Glad you and the boys are having fun. Claude Monet did a whole series of Haystack paintings but I cannot find one with people in it. But they show the hay piled high.

    What wonderful memories you are giving them.

  3. I especially love the picture of the three boys looking into the window and watching the chef! Our grandkids are coming this week-end from San Diego. Can’t wait.

    Enjoy, Linda.

  4. What adorable little boys! That memere’s pride is coming through, as well it should!
    LOVE the shirts and the photo of the boys peeking in the window. Too cute!

  5. Such gorgeous grandsons Linda – they are definitely having fun……….and keeping you busy I know! Love the pic where they’re looking in the window – just think I may be doing that come October!

    Will the Mistral still be blowing in October?

  6. You certainly have your hands full but what fun too.
    Looks like you are having rough weather as we are.
    Just got caught up with you after hols. and computer problems.

  7. I don’t know how I missed this one. Each photo is as wonderful as the next. That last one pushing the big “cream of wheat” (as we call them) is just perfect. Wonderful shirts!!

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