Cool And Busy

Life is still busy around here with four grandchildren. As often happens in August, the temperatures dropped. On the day we went to Lourmarin a mistral also arrived and almost blew us out of the market. The kids were walking around with their arms tucked up inside their t-shirts.

Pretty hooks. They also make great knobs for furniture.

I’m always intrigued with birdcages but have no idea where I could put it.

Isn’t this a great keyhole? It’s on the little church at Lourmarin.

Micah likes his chocolate.

5 thoughts to “Cool And Busy”

  1. Wow….it got that chilly there, huh? I’d really welcome chilly right about now, so I’m hoping for that in Oct. in the Languedoc.
    Loved those hooks. You always capture the neatest photos!
    Keep enjoying those handsome grandsons of yours.

  2. Lovely post as usual…Great where could I put one of those???

    Hope you and your grandchildren are having a great time 🙂

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