How I Did It

Several people have left comments wondering how I got my grandchildren to lie still for the photo of their feet. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. Here are some examples:

Micah has his hands up and Holden is pointing his toes.

Michah put up one hand and Holden is still pointing his toes.

Holden put his head up and I don’t like the babies feet that way.

The baby moves his feet and Holden bends his knee.

Finally I got everyone with their feet still. Do a little cropping and Voila, as they say in France or, Bob’s your uncle, as they say in England.

5 thoughts to “How I Did It”

  1. Too funny….lol Thanks for sharing your technique. I must say, when it comes to photographing children or dogs and cats….one must have the infinite patience! And you did.

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