The Scene of the Crime

Well,not really, but I did visit an Inn where several scenes were filmed in the TV series, Inspector Morse. Morse, the cranky detective, is shown having a beer usually bought by his detective, Lewis, along side the river where water is rushing over a spillway. It is a beautiful setting and was the spot for a great late lunch with a friend. Did I mention I am in England? My friend is house sitting in a gorgeous place in the Cotswolds. I was invited for a few days and, as soon as I bought my Eurostar tickets, took the train, then the London Underground, and then a bus, here I was. We are having a great time.

The sign for The Trout Inn, a really wonderful place.

The front of the Inn. Isn’t the architecture great?

A lovely bridge spanning the river.

The spillway.

Our delicious lunch with the spillway in the background.

A view downstream.

11 thoughts to “The Scene of the Crime”

  1. Kicking up yur heels again I see – good for you! Love that area of course, glad you are having a great time – say hello to England for me please!

    I miss Morse but the new series is great too.

  2. Well, you Jetsetter, you! OHHH, I love the Cotswolds! Are you near Lower Slaughter at all? I’ve been there twice and it’s one of my favorite English villages. I have framed photos on my wall that I took there.
    Love your photos. Very pretty area. Have fun and keep us posted on your wanderings.

  3. Wow, you are in my country! And in the Cotswolds too. Just where in the Cotswolds I wonder. Enjoy the rest of your time.

    Feet, feet , feet and more feet!!

  4. I ADORE the Cotswolds. There was an article in the latest Travel & Leisure at a sweet little town there. I visited in the late 90s and have been in love ever since. Sigh. I would love to live anywhere there.

  5. You are so lucky! I love the UK. As a teen I spent many hours in Oxford — shopping, eating, listening to bands and so on. In my twenties I was living near Cambridge, but the Oxford area is where my heart was. Enjoy and post lots of pictures!

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