Rule Brittania!

My friend, Jane, and I went to what is called a Prom in England. For some reason I thought it would be dressy and formal but it turned out to be very casual, rather like the Pops in the States with mainly classical music being played and two light operatic singers. We took a dinner and wine and joined the others on the grass for some live music.

Here is where the audience sat, eating and drinking while waiting for the music to start.

The crowd really got into it when they played Rule Brittania! It was like hearing a patriotic song in America. They even played a song by a German (I think) composer which is what is the traditional song used by French Can Can dancers. A few women formed a line and did an inpromtu dance to go with the music.

There were fireworks afterwards. It was really a great time.

The next morning we went to a boot sale, a flea market type of happening. Notice the really gray sky. About ten minutes after I took this photo it started pouring. We still managed to get a few really good deals. I wanted a few toys for my grandchildren when they visit and found a little boy selling his collection of dinasaurs. He told me they were 1 pound fifty for the large ones. I told him it was a little expensive for a rainy day. I ended up with a big bag of them for five pounds with a few toy cars thrown in. (He seemed happy with the deal.)

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  1. Yeah – Britannia needs to be ruling again, the Brits are becoming very unruly these days I’ve noticed! Some things stay the same as when I was a child there – outdoor music concerts and garden tours – but there is too much crime now according to my hometown paper which I read online. Of course most countries are experiencing similar social problems – it’s all so sad.

    But your posts from England are uplifting – I loved the pics and thanks for the Union Jack one. Those Japanese Anemones took my breathe away because my mother grew huge swathes of them in her garden…….they bring back memories.

    Glad you’re having a fun time with your friend. Your adorable grandsons will have fun with your plunder from the car boot sale. Hope they visit you again soon.

  2. Hi Linda. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your stay in the Cotswolds. We lived there at one time during our seven years in the United Kingdom. There’s so much to see. My own favorite was Minster Lovell, where my mother’s family – the Lovell’s – originated having emigrated there from Lavell, Normandy. The Windrush River area is all lovely. Burford was a wonderful town for gift shopping too and we spent Christmas near there 1994, at a stately home we rented in Fifield, in the SNOW, which after twenty years in Arizona was a thrill.

    The original “Can Can” that was adopted by its iconic music hall dancers was actually written as “Le Galop Infernal” for the opera “Orpheus in the Underworld,” by Jacques Offenbach – who is French! So good choice to discuss here — even if you are in England.

  3. Oh,and just to say, we are enjoying the Proms on television now. My British husband wouldn’t miss them and in our multi-national family they have become the nostalgic signal for the close of Summer. All the songs sung by the audience at the close of each segment are traditional, as are the hats, horns, whistles, and dancing. Musicians, composers and conductors from around the world think it an honour to be featured at the Proms as the musical standard is excellent. In the past few years there have been several European youth orchestras which are simply magnificent – last night the Gustav Mahler. It’s a long tradition and one lovely piece of British heritage that will hopefully endure.

  4. OH, this really looked like fun. And I’ve always loved that song…just the melody of it makes me feel uplifted. And it always brings to mind the apt. we lived in in Paris when Ray was working at CDG…we’d have the BBC radio on every morning before he left for work, and Rule Brittania would come on. Lovely memories for me.

  5. This looks like fun and reminds me that I’ve not been to this sort of affair in a very long time……

    Summer is fading here, cooler evenings and a cuddle under the covers on a cool morning.

    The scent of roasting chilis in the clear New Mexico air.

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