Isn’t this unforgettably glorius? I saw this in the movie, Pride and Prejudice and looked up the location. It turned out to be Stourhead, a world famous garden, often referred to as “Paradise” and it certainly turned out to be so. It’s a huge estate and we strolled around the park to have a look.

The Temple of Apollo. Another beautiful building.

I liked this urn. Wish I had one like it in my garden.

Nearby is the King Alfred’s Tower. It was very windy that day and even more so on the top. This is what is called a Folly, a building built for no particular reason if you have enough money for that sort of thing.

9 thoughts to “Stourhead”

  1. That is a great movie. I think I’ve watched it at least 100 times, no kidding.

    This photo is really beautiful. Lucky you to have such an opportunity.

  2. The garden is indeed paradise…..Never get bored with the film sense & sensibility. English scenery to the max. Tq Linda for the beautiful photos…

  3. Ooh, beautiful! But was this in Sense & Sensibility or the newer Keira Knightley version of Pride & Prejudice? Reason I ask is that the Temple of Apollo and the lake photo look like one of the very key scenes in P & P.

    I love both movies and also the BBC miniseries of P&P (because who can resist Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, among other things, plus I’m a huge Austen fan).

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