The cathedral has Brtain’s tallest spire at 404 feet as well as one of the four remaing Magna Carta.

After Stourhead we headed to Salisbury. We had called and booked a room in a B&B but when we arrived and knocked on the door, no one answered, although she wasn’t expecting us until after six. We looked for the promised view of the Salisbury Cathedral from the door and could only see a tip of the famous steeple. Also, the B&B was on a noisy street. Had someone been there and had we given a credit card number, we would have stayed there anyway but as we were walking into the close we started thinking of finding another place to stay and walked by Sarum College, an ancient school, which offered rooms. It was in a perfect place, on the Cathedral close and therefore quiet. The room wasn’t fabulous but it was clean and very quiet with breakfast included so we decided to take it.


We even went to Evensong where we got to sit in the choir loft so got a close up look at all that went on and a very intimate musical experience. Had we but known it, there was a Green Man carving probably right in front of us.

My friend, Jane, is very into fabrics and embroderies and she spotted the really fantastic pieces done in the church by Jane Lemon.

A closeup of the lamb. England seems to be full of needlework specialists, especially in the churches.

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  1. Oh thanks for these photos! Salisbury is on my list of places I need to visit when I do my South of England mini “Grand” tour… the last part of the travels I need to do before writing the book based on my grandmother’s first trip through Europe 52 years ago. They went from London to Stratford-upon-Avon, then Bath, Salisbury and finally Southampton, where they took the Mauritania II home to NY.

  2. Sometimes those spontaneous plans turn out best. Sitting in that choir sounded wonderful and the whole thing sounded like a great experience.

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