How Great Was This?

My friend, Jane, gets to house sit in an incredible place in England. I’ve been there three times and it is fabulous. It gives me a taste of what it must be like to have a lot of money. (I’d rather have what I have now which includes much happiness than live unhappily in a mansion).

An interior courtyard, rather like a cloister.

Me in the fabulous dining room.

A bench just right for sitting and admiring the gardens.

11 thoughts to “How Great Was This?”

  1. That interior courtyard is fantastic! It must be wonderful to be having such a journey — but I agree with you. It is much better to be happy where you are than unhappy wherever you think you might want to be. And aren’t we both getting brave putting ourselves on the web in photos! (I’m going for the more glam hat – I love the veil over my eyes.)

  2. Hey! Great pictures. Did you actually eat in that dining room?

    Slowly working on a new blog. Hope you check it out…not that there is much to see yet!

  3. I agree with your happiness/mansion sentiments, but wow, what an amazing place for those CATS to live!

    Have enjoyed your England posts — just after my husband died in 2003, I learned the term “GM” for grief monster … and then learned from English widow/ers that GM also stood for green man. I hope to see some of those in the UK sometime, in churches or wherever.

    Cheers to you and your house-sitting friend.

  4. The house is beautiful but I was most excited to see a picture of you! Even if it was so tiny I still probably wouldn’t recognise you in the street.

  5. Yes this was definitely the house we stayed in 20 years ago. Does not look any different.
    Enjoyed visiting England with you and St. Michael’s Mount which is appaarently not tto far from where my cousin lives.

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