Mont St Michel

Whew! Got back from England and rushed around washing clothes and unpacking as my sister, her husband and another couple arrived for a quick trip to Paris and Nurmandy.

Mont St Michel is always on the list if you are anywhere near. It is so exciting to see it in the distance and to be awed by the view as you get closer and closer.

One of the first places you pass as you make the climb uphill is la Mere Poulard, famous for omletes and baked goods.

A view of the kitchen with a photo of Mere Poulard. I love all of those copper pans but I sure wouldn’t want to polish them.

This is the guy who whips the eggs like crazy and then they are poured into a long handled pan which has been sitting over a fire to make omelets. I’ve had one and didn’t like it-too foamy and not dry enough for me.

A view from about half way up. Mont St Michel is an island which is surrounded by the sea. The tide was out while we were there. You can actually walk way out onto the sand but must always be aware of tide times.

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  1. Speaking of those copper pots and pans… my mom showed me a GREAT trick for cleaning them with virtually NO sweat and elbow grease: white vinegar and salt. Just pour a little of both on the copper pan and rub it over the surface with a sponge or cloth. I couldn’t believe how fast it cleaned the copper, and of course no nasty chemical smell either!

  2. Every time we’ve been to Le Mont St. Michel it’s been a little different experience. The first time was in the month of August, sweltering and packed with tourists — we could barely move and never made it to the top. The two other times were in Winter and we had our run of the place and took our time. The walk to the top is well worth the “agony” of all those steps.

    There actually are people who ignore the tide warnings. On one visit we saw walkers who seemed too far out on the sand for the hour, and on another occasion witnessed a car parked in the wrong zone for the late afternoon tide that filled with water and began to float. There are some signs you ignore at your peril.

  3. Oh, how I love this place! I’m so glad when we were in Paris in 2001 that we too the day trip up there…it was special indeed. Someday I’d like to visit again, and maybe stay overnight so I can walk those streets when they are not so crowded. A beautiful place, and what a view. And so mystical seeing it from the distance as you approach.

    There is a very philosophical movie called Mind Walk that takes place mostly on Mont St. Michel, starring Sam Waterston and Liv Ulman.

  4. Linda, welcome back……your tour and photos from England were such a treat!

    We never made it to Mont St Michel. On my to do list for next time.


  5. When I was in school taking french, there was a poster of Mt St Michelle on the wall. Always wanted to see it in person.

    Went to France in 06 and finally got to walk the streets (we actually stayed at la mere pollard!).

    Funniest part of the stay was when the tide came in, there was this one van that was left down in the parking lot for a little bit too long. A guy finally came out to claim it and had to walk through water that almost came up to his door to get to it.

  6. This was an amazing place to visit. I love your pictures. I have yet to blog about our visit to MSM. I have SO many pictures. I brought some little mini copper crepe pans back to remind me of the trip. Phew, yes, talk about stairs! I didn’t make it to the abbey at the top. After my frightful climb to the Tower Eiffel, I stayed just below, still hugging the walls. I so wanted to see the tide come in! I heard they were going to change the road back to a bridge so the water can run freely again.

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