Old Friends

I don’t know about you, but I very seldom meet up with old friends from my past, especially ones from high school. What are the chances that two people I knew in high school, and who married, would also end up in France? These two, Jim and Margaret, discovered how much they loved France while they were in the Air Force and now have a Bed and Breakfast in Normandy where we all were lucky enough to stay for two nights while exploring the region. The B&B is just lovely, full of antiques.


Two views of the front of the B&B called l’Atre Fleur.

The living room with the dining room beyond.

The nearby chateau in the village of Balleroy where the B&B is located. I wish we had had time to see the inside.

The clock and its bells on the little church there in the village.

PS-I met them several years ago after a phone call from Jim. We didn’t just happen upon each other as we entered the B&B, as I must have made it sound.

9 thoughts to “Old Friends”

  1. How wonderful to meet up with old friends in France all these years later. It must have been lovely to stay in their gorgeous B&B.

    That Chateau is amazing!!! I too would love to see inside.

  2. How wonderful to see such places – you are so blessed. Your photos are lovely and make me long for a time when my husband and I can travel abroad.

  3. Lovely photos – the B&B is charming. Glad you can enjoy this time to travel. It’s fun (for awhile) to have friends and family visit so you can show off your lovely country.


  4. That is so cool to hook up with old friends from high school.
    I love their B&B….very picturesque. That’s really nice that you could stay there and renew an old friendship. Looks like a lovely place to stay.

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