A Walk on the West Side

The west side of Paris. I don’t often get over to that part of the city unless you count the Eiffel Tower or Tracadero. I was there near the Javel metro stop and it was a beautiful day with sunshine.

A river goddess on the Mirabeau bridge. Actually I read that the figures represent ships.

The other side of the Mirabeau bridge. I love the colors.

Heading up the Seine, you reach the Grenelle Bridge where you will find a replica of the Statue of Liberty standing there to surprise you.

Keep going and you finally reach the Eiffel Tower. As you can see, the leaves are just starting to change. Chestnuts are falling to the ground, always a sign that school has started.

7 thoughts to “A Walk on the West Side”

  1. Indian Summer and yes the weather has been gorgeous – in Brittany too. We drove out above the Rance River valley yesterday and warm splashes of Autumn are bursting through everywhere. This past Spring we’d planted a small field of corn with pumpkins underneath to keep the weeds down. The corn stalks are turning to their Fall colours now and below them, the pumpkins fat and bright orange, awaiting the first frost. We’ve had a few rounds of pumpkin soup this month with a blop of creme frais in the middle. Pure heaven.

  2. Linda, You left a kind message on my blog saying you were going to look for my book set in France. Well, just to clarify, the latest, Paris Imperfect, isn’t out yet but Pond Lane and Paris is available postage free from the Book Depository. (bookdepository.co.uk)

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