9 thoughts to “On The Streets of Paris”

  1. Love these new pictures of Paris. I would love to live in a building through that archway with a courtyard. Charming and very inviting.

  2. Have long admired the idea of a mysterious walled entrance and hidden patio or grotto — or both. We’ve thought of creating one at home and then realised — what if we have to move something big in the front door? Doesn’t have the same effect in the back garden at all.

  3. While visiting, Patty and I both talked (dreamed) of finding a place just like the picture and living there for six months. The husbands’ didn’t seem to go along with the idea tho!

  4. I LOVE the photo of the parking SmartCar! Someone was thinking! The reflection in the puddle is wonderful — and I sometimes miss Europe and all it has to offer so much it hurts. And while I know I’ll return, it will be only for a visit and that it won’t be the same as when I lived there.

  5. Love the picture of the arched gateway..I am the same as another commenter dianne…would love to go and live for just 6 months or so…husband not on the same wavelength…:-(.

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