Art in Unexpected Places

I am crazy about Art Nouveau. Something about the flowing, curving lines, the plant motif, all of it together always pleases my eye. The 16th arrondissement is full of buildings done in this style. Here are a few closeups I saw the other day.

Some sort of cover for an air vent. Isn’t it lovely?

A window above a door.

The head of a lady wearing a fur stolle. This is on a most spectacular building on Avenue Rapp.

Another figure on the same building.

9 thoughts to “Art in Unexpected Places”

  1. Really nice! I love details on buildings and other places. I was most impressed in Okinawa when I discovered that even man-hole covers were decorative art! I really think that life is in the details!

  2. Gosh!, Now i understand what “Art Nouveau” means!Looking at your pics, I am so transported to this street.I can so imagine walking in this street and actually touch and admire all these elegant artforms.

  3. Great photos. I learned to love and appreciate Art Nouveau/Deco when I visited New York City and went on the Rockefeller Centre tour, but I never really thought about that style being so prominent in parts of Paris too. I’ll have to remember to look for examples like yours the next time I’m there.

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